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TPRM Compliance Solutions

Meet third-party compliance mandates and regulatory guidelines with speed, efficiency and scale.

As data breaches, supply chain disruptions, and other incidents are increasingly traced to vendors and suppliers, more industry and government regulations are requiring organizations to implement policies for effectively managing third-party risk.

Prevalent offers a single, unified third-party risk management (TPRM) platform that streamlines your compliance initiatives by automating risk assessment, monitoring, analysis and reporting throughout the vendor lifecycle.

Capabilities for Third-Party Risk Compliance

  • Expert Consulting

    Design a new TPRM program, or optimize your existing program, with professional services and managed services experts.

  • Assessments Library

    Leverage a library of 200+ standard assessments, or build your own custom surveys, backed by fully automated workflow management.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Conduct continuous cyber, operational, reputational and financial monitoring to reveal potential third-party risks and inform prioritization and risk awareness.

  • Fine Tuning

    Tune analysis and scoring to your organization's specific risk tolerances and other unique business requirements.

  • Framework Mapping

    Map answers to control frameworks to measure compliance, project future risks, predict business outcomes, and gain remediation recommendations.

  • Tailored Reports

    Communicate compliance and risk status across the vendor landscape with reports tailored to assessors, executives and other stakeholders.

Cybersecurity Frameworks

Adhere to guidelines, best practices and standards for identifying, assessing, and managing third-party cybersecurity risks to your organization.

Key Frameworks

ESG Regulations

Review and report on environmental, social and governance practices and performance in your extended supply chain.

Key ESG Regulations

Industry Guidelines

Follow best practices for assessing, monitoring and mitigating risks associated with your organization's vendor and supplier relationships.

Key Guidelines

Data Privacy Regulations

Ensure that third-party vendors and service providers are able to safeguard personal information and prevent its misuse.

Key Privacy Regulations

  • CCPA - California Consumer Privacy Act
  • GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation
  • HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • NIST SP 800-66 - National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • NY SHIELD Act - New York State Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Act
  • PDPA - Singapore Personal Data Protection Act
  • Québec Law 25 - Québec Private Sector Act
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Prevalent continues to flag new threats, integrate new data based on changing regulations, and flag when vendors are due for reassessment. They are very agile.

— Senior VP, Large Bank

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