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Internal IT & Cybersecurity Assessment

Evaluate your organization's internal IT and security controls

Large organizations often lack centralized visibility into risk, with distributed teams using separate risk management tools. As a result, risk assessments not only tend to be inconsistent and disjointed, but also leave potentially risky gaps in coverage.

Prevalent standardizes assessments against SOC II, cyber essentials and other frameworks, providing IT and cybersecurity teams with a central platform for measuring and demonstrating adherence to internal security mandates.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerates internal risk identification and response

  • Validates the presence of compensating controls

  • Drives security accountability across the organization

  • Simplifies and standardizes risk reporting

Key Capabilities

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    Cyber Security Risk Assessment & Benchmarking

    Leverage the Prevalent Compliance Framework (PCF) to conduct internal, controls-based risk assessments, and benchmark the results against ISO, NIST and other compliance and security frameworks.

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    Continuous Security Ratings

    Get a continuous threat intelligence feed across business units, divisions and operating companies. Combine intelligence on organizational breaches, regulatory findings and other business risk data with cyber risk data from threat feeds, paste sites, forums and dark web pages using Prevalent Vendor Threat Monitor or BitSight.

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    Virtual Third-Party Risk Advisor

    Leverage a conversational AI trained on billions of events and more than 20 years of experience to deliver expert risk management insights in the context of industry guidelines such as NIST, ISO, SOC 2 and others.

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    Active Breach Monitoring & Response

    Get immediate notification of high-risk issues, prioritization, and remediation recommendations with real-time data feeds and context from a database containing 10+ years of data breaches.

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    Incident Management

    Leverage a repeatable process to automatically route risks with escalations, chasing reminders and other advanced workflow capabilities.

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    Risk Identification & Mitigation

    Combine risk assessment results and outside data feeds into a central register for risk identification and prioritization. Facilitate risk register discussions between divisions and business units with bi-directional remediation workflows.

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    Program Performance Tracking & Reporting

    Benchmark cybersecurity program performance by mapping risk assessment results to CoBiT, ISO, NIST and other best-practice frameworks.

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