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Third-Party Risk Networks

Scale your TPRM program with instant access to thousands of continuously updated vendor intelligence profiles

Evaluating vendor security and compliance is essential to avoiding data breaches and regulatory missteps. However, traditional vendor due diligence processes can burden security, risk and procurement teams with outdated spreadsheets and endless email threads.

Prevalent Vendor Intelligence Networks simplify and accelerate the due diligence process. Each Network provides an on-demand library of thousands of vendor risk reports that are continuously updated and backed by supporting evidence. Network members not only add immense scale to their third-party risk management programs, but also are able to shift their time and energy from hounding vendors to proactively identifying and remediating exposures.

Key Benefits

  • Increase focus on risk analysis and remediation with instant access to shared vendor risk data

  • Reduce the cost of third-party risk management by automating assessment and monitoring processes

  • Stop chasing down vendor responses by outsourcing collection and analysis efforts

  • Accelerate sourcing and vendor evaluations with current insights into cyber, business and financial health data

  • Select from flexible licensing options tailored to your desired level of oversight

  • Meet compliance requirements with a standards-based approach to third-party risk management

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It made things a lot easier to manage. Taking over the program they had in place quickly boosted organization and productivity.

— Security Officer, Wright Express Corporation

Key Features

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    Standards-Based Assessment Library

    Access over 10,000 completed and verified assessments and supporting evidence. All vendor profiles are based on assessments from SIG-Core, SIG-Lite or H-ISAC. Vendors are reassessed annually or upon your request.

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    Workflow and Task Management

    Streamline vendor communications and speed remediation efforts by capturing and auditing conversations, assigning tasks, and tracking progress.

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    Continuous Cyber, Business & Financial Insights

    Transform point-in-time vendor assessments into dynamic intelligence profiles with continuous insights from cyber, business and financial monitoring events.

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    Remediation Guidance

    Get clear and actionable recommendations for addressing risks identified during assessments. Track and report on issue resolution over time.

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    Risk Score Previews

    Screen vendors during RFx processes with risk score previews based on inherent/residual risk, internal assessment results, and external monitoring reports.

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    Machine Learning Analytics and Reporting

    Leverage machine learning analytics to correlate hard-to-track metrics and provide insight into the riskiest vendors, controls and trends.

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    Compliance Mapping

    Prevalent automatically maps assessment responses to specific regulatory and industry framework requirements, enabling you to quickly verify compliance or justify remediation efforts.

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    Outsourced Due Diligence

    Save time and money by letting Prevalent experts handle everything from conducting assessments and following up with vendors, to reviewing responses and evidence for accuracy and relevance.

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    Automation Playbooks

    Efficiently coordinate internal and vendor teams with pre-built playbooks that automate a broad range of onboarding, assessment and review tasks.

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    Search and Request Assessments

    Search for a specific vendor in the network to access assessment, cyber, business and financial data. Request assessments with a single click.

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    Issue Supplementary or Proactive Assessments

    Issue additional assessments for fourth-party mapping, certifications, and business profiling. Vendors can also proactively report important events.

  • Prevalent Legal Vendor Network

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    The Prevalent Legal Vendor Network (LVN) is the industry standard used by over 50% of the top U.S. law firms. The LVN provides a repository of completed risk assessments and event monitoring for vendors providing eDiscovery, data management, and other services essential to the legal industry.

    Learn More About the LVN
  • Prevalent Healthcare Vendor Network

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    Prevalent's Healthcare Vendor Network (HVN) is the exclusive third-party partner in H-ISAC's Vendor Risk Assessment Due Diligence program. This network of H-ISAC members and their vendors encourages security best practices to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks in the healthcare industry.

    Learn More About the HVN
  • Prevalent Exchange

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    The Prevalent Exchange™ is a cost-effective way to evaluate third-party vendor risk. Vendor evidence is either collected for you by Prevalent, or contributed to the Exchange by the vendor. Exchange participants simply request access to the evidence, and after a quick vendor approval, it’s available for review.

    Learn More About the Exchange

A Unified Third-Party Risk Solution

  • Vendor Assessment

    Measure compliance with data security and privacy requirements via automated vendor risk assessment, review, analysis, remediation and reporting.

  • Vendor Monitoring

    Gain an outside-in view of risk with continuous vendor risk monitoring, notification of critical issues, and remediation guidance.

  • Vendor Networks

    Access vendor risk networks of completed, standardized assessments to quickly check risk scores and augment 1:1 assessment activities.

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