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Third-Party Risk Networks

Scale your TPRM program with a repository of completed vendor risk assessments

Mounting regulatory pressures and looming data breach threats necessitate effective third-party risk management programs. However, with drawn-out data collection processes and back-and-forth communications, evaluating vendor security and compliance can be taxing on IT, OT and risk teams.

Prevalent Vendor Evidence Sharing Networks enable risk and IT/OT teams to focus on remediating risk and addressing compliance concerns with a repository of completed vendor questionnaires backed by continuous monitoring. By outsourcing the collection of due diligence and vendor monitoring, you save time and resources while rapidly scaling your third-party risk management program.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce time spent chasing down vendor risk data

  • Increase focus on risk analysis and remediation

  • Facilitate collaborative risk reduction with third parties

  • Reduce the cost of third-party risk management

  • Access industry expertise tailored to the unique needs of highly regulated entities

  • Expand the vendor coverage of your TPRM program

A Unified TPRM Platform

  • Assess

    Measure compliance with data security and privacy requirements via automated assessment, review, analysis, remediation and reporting.

  • Monitor

    Gain an outside-in view of risk with continuous cyber and business monitoring, notification of critical issues, and remediation guidance.

  • Share

    Access shared libraries of completed, standardized assessments to quickly check risk scores and augment 1:1 assessment activities.

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