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Third-Party Vendor Risk Monitoring

Validate vendor security controls with continuous cyber, business and financial risk intelligence

Prevalent Vendor Threat Monitor continuously tracks and analyzes external threats to your third parties. The solution monitors the Internet and dark web for cyber threats and vulnerabilities, as well as public and private sources of reputational and financial information. These insights enable you to validate vendor-reported control data for a 360-degree view of security and compliance.

Part of the Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management Platform, Vendor Threat Monitor is integrated with inside-out Vendor Risk Assessment. All monitoring and assessment data is centralized in a unified risk register for each vendor, allowing you to quickly correlate the findings and streamline risk review, reporting and response initiatives.

Key Benefits

  • Increase risk visibility by filling gaps between point-in-time assessments

  • Make better risk-based decisions with technical insight into threats, breaches and network health

  • Augment security controls-based assessments with continuous monitoring

  • Accelerate sourcing, RFx and evaluation processes with global vendor intelligence

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The quality of our vendor risk management program has improved significantly by using Prevalent.

— Chief Information Officer, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company

  • Vendor Cyber Intelligence

    Cyber Threat Intelligence

    Reveal third-party cyber incidents for 350,000 companies by monitoring 1,500+ criminal forums; thousands of onion pages, 80+ dark web special access forums; 65+ threat feeds; and 50+ paste sites for leaked credentials — as well as several security communities, code repositories, and vulnerability databases.

  • Vendor Business Updates

    Business Intelligence

    Access qualitative and quantitative insights from over 530,000 public and private sources of reputational information. Uncover legal actions and sanctions, executive leadership changes, politically exposed persons (PEPs), adverse media, state-owned enterprises, OFAC violations, and other indicators of potential cybersecurity or compliance problems.

  • Vendor Financial Insights

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    Tap into financial information from a global network of 365 million businesses. Access 5 years of organizational changes and financial performance, including turnover, profit and loss, shareholder funds, etc. Screen new vendors, monitor existing vendors, and evaluate their health for informed sourcing decisions.

  • Integrated Vendor Monitoring & Survey Scores

    Vendor Threat Monitor complements our Vendor Risk Assessment solution for a complete, 360-degree view of vendor-based risks. Assessment and monitoring results are integrated into a single risk register, enabling you to easily visualize risks and take immediate action. You can also drill down to supporting data and evidence for an in-depth understanding of each vendor's risk posture.

Key Features

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    AI-Enabled Intelligence Platform

    Leverage contextual machine learning algorithms to analyze data from thousands of sources.

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    Unified Risk Register

    Simplify remediation by normalizing monitoring data into tangible risks, and link real-time cyber, business and financial events to assessment findings.

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    Vendor Risk Scaling

    Quickly gauge risk via straightforward numerical scoring and high/medium/low risk scaling.

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    Rule Automation

    Leverage automated playbooks to simplify actions and workflow based on findings.

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    Centralized Risk Management

    Display and track vendor threat monitoring status through a centralized management console.

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    Advanced Event Filtering

    Zero-in on critical risks with filters based on event type, priority, date range, and threat category.

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    Email Summaries

    Receive daily summaries of high-risk events triggered by cyber and business monitoring.

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    Reporting & Analytics with Machine Learning

    Identify, alert and communicate exceptions to common behavior with built-in cyber, business and financial monitoring report templates.

Let us do the heavy lifting

From managing your risk assessment process to monitoring vendors for emerging risks, our Vendor Risk Assessment Service frees your team to focus on remediating risk and keeping your business moving forward.

Learn About Vendor Risk Assessment Services
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A Unified Third-Party Risk Solution

  • Vendor Assessment

    Measure compliance with data security and privacy requirements via automated vendor risk assessment, review, analysis, remediation and reporting.

  • Vendor Monitoring

    Gain an outside-in view of risk with continuous vendor risk monitoring, notification of critical issues, and remediation guidance.

  • Vendor Networks

    Access vendor risk networks of completed, standardized assessments to quickly check risk scores and augment 1:1 assessment activities.

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