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Third-Party Vendor Risk Monitoring

Validate vendor security controls with continuous cyber, operational, reputational and financial risk intelligence

A lot can happen between periodic vendor risk assessments. That’s why it’s essential to have continuous insights into vendor risks.

Prevalent Vendor Threat Monitor continuously tracks and analyzes external threats to your third parties. The solution monitors the Internet and dark web for cyber threats and vulnerabilities, as well as public and private sources of operational, reputational, sanctions and financial information.

Part of the Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management Platform, the Vendor Threat Monitor module is integrated with inside-out Vendor Risk Assessment. All monitoring and assessment data is centralized in a unified risk register for each vendor, enabling you to quickly correlate the findings and streamline risk review, reporting and response initiatives.

Third-Party Risk Monitoring Explained

A comprehensive third-party monitoring program can help you mitigate the impact of vendor data breaches, supply chain disruptions, and negative press on your organization. Watch this quick overview to learn more.

Key Benefits

  • Fill gaps between point-in-time assessments with round-the-clock, external monitoring for new and evolving third-party risks

  • Get ahead of supply chain breaches with intelligence on vendor vulnerabilities, network health, exposed data, and hacking incidents

  • Validate third-party security and compliance controls by comparing vendor assessment responses to externally observable risks and incidents

  • Gain a complete view of risk by combining cyber monitoring with continuous operational, financial and reputational updates

  • Centralize, correlate and analyze external monitoring data with internal assessment responses for a 360-degree view of vendor risk

  • Take action to reduce identified risks with automated risk response playbooks and remediation recommendations

  • Vendor Cyber Intelligence

    Cyber Threat Intelligence

    Reveal third-party cyber incidents for 550,000 companies by monitoring 1,500+ criminal forums; thousands of onion pages; 80+ dark web special access forums; 65+ threat feeds; and 50+ paste sites for leaked credentials — as well as several security communities, code repositories, and vulnerability databases.

  • Vendor Operational Updates

    Business Intelligence

    Access qualitative insights from over 550,000 public and private sources of operational information, including M&A activity, business news, management and leadership changes, competitive news, new offerings, operational updates, and more.

  • Vendor Financial Insights

    Screenshot financial credit monitoring feature 0920

    Tap into financial information from a global network of millions of businesses across 160+ countries. Access 5 years of financial performance data, including turnover, profit and loss, shareholder funds, credit ratings, payment history, bankruptcies, investments, and more. Screen new vendors, monitor existing vendors, and evaluate their health for informed sourcing decisions.

  • Vendor Reputational Insights

    Avoid reputational damage to your company from working with corrupt vendors and individuals by efficiently:

    • Screening for adverse media and negative news coverage from 30,000 global sources
    • Monitoring global regulatory and legal sanctions from 1,000+ enforcement lists and court filings including OFAC, EU, UN, BOE, FBI, BIS, FDA, US HHS, UK FSA, SEC and more
    • Screening for state-owned and government-linked enterprises to avoid conflicts of interest
    • Screening against a global PEP database with over 1.8 million politically exposed person profiles, including their families and associates, to fight corruption and bribery
  • Breach Event Notification Monitoring

    Access a database containing 10+ years of data breach history for thousands of companies around the world. Includes types and quantities of stolen data; compliance and regulatory issues; and real-time vendor data breach notifications. (Licensed separately)

  • Risk Profiling Snapshot

    Risk Profiling Snapshot

    Gain a comprehensive view of a vendor’s demographic information, 4th-party technologies, ESG scores, plus recent business and reputational insights, data breach history, and recent financial performance to inform risk-based vendor selection decisions.

    > Risk Profiling Snapshot Data Sheet

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Prevalent detects my organization's risks automatically. They pull from several different sources and are able to provide actionable insights for me and my team.

— CISO, Large Technology Firm

Key Features

  • Icon analytics graph bar

    AI-Enabled Intelligence Platform

    Leverage contextual machine learning algorithms to analyze data from thousands of sources.

  • Icon news newspaper

    Unified Risk Register

    Simplify remediation by normalizing monitoring data into tangible risks, and link real-time cyber, business and financial events to assessment findings.

  • Icon vendor risk scale

    Vendor Risk Scaling

    Quickly gauge risk via straightforward high/medium/low risk scoring.

  • Icon workflow gold

    Rule Automation

    Leverage automated playbooks to simplify actions and workflow based on findings.

  • Icon consolidate

    Centralized Risk Management

    Display and track vendor threat monitoring status through a centralized management console.

  • Icon even filter gold

    Advanced Event Filtering

    Zero-in on critical risks with filters based on event type, priority, date range and threat category.

  • Icon email notification gold

    Email Summaries

    Receive daily summaries of high-risk events triggered by cyber, business and financial monitoring.

  • Icon dashboard gold

    Reporting & Analytics with Machine Learning

    Identify, alert and communicate exceptions to common behavior with built-in and pdf-exportable cyber, business and financial monitoring report templates.

Who Wins

  • Procurement

    Ensure that vendors deliver on their promises by continuously monitoring for sanctions, important news updates, and financial status.

    > More procurement and sourcing benefits

  • IT Security

    Reduce risk by validating the results of point-in-time controls assessments with continuous monitoring insights.

    > More IT security benefits

  • Risk Management

    Gain round-the-clock cybersecurity and reputational insights to make informed risk-based decisions between assessments.

    > More risk management benefits

Executive Brief: How to Get More from Third-Party Risk Scores

Discover how to build a more comprehensive, actionable and cost-effective vendor risk monitoring program.

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