Analyst Insight: The Gartner® Market Guide for IT Vendor Risk Management Solutions

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Supplier Onboarding & Risk Monitoring

Gain critical risk insights and add assurance to supplier selection

Sourcing, selecting, and onboarding a supplier can be complicated, time-consuming, and risky – especially when you lack the right information about their operations, reputation, data breach history, and financial performance.

The Prevalent Risk Profiling Snapshot delivers centralized visibility into supplier demographic information, fourth-party technologies, ESG scores, and data breach history – as well as recent operational, reputational and financial performance insights – enabling you to make risk-based decisions from the earliest stages of the third-party lifecycle.

With the Risk Profiling Snapshot, you can replace scattered, siloed supplier information sources with a single supplier profile that’s backed by industry-standard risk scoring.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce risk by gaining insights prior to contracting with a new supplier

  • Reduce the time and cost required to investigate potential suppliers

  • Simplify risk assessments by effectively scoping further due diligence

  • Improve assurance by gaining a comprehensive and consistent view of all supplier risks in a single solution

Key Features

  • Icon business info context gold

    Comprehensive Supplier Demographics Profile

    Build a comprehensive supplier profile that taps into 500,000+ sources of supplier intelligence, including industry and business insights, geo-political concerns, and Corruption Perception Index (CPI) scores.

  • Icon relationship mapping gold

    Fourth-Party Technology Mapping

    Reveal fourth-party technologies through passive scanning and map them to third-party supplier profiles. Quickly identify potential concentration risk and uncover peripheral technologies.

  • Icon risk score gold

    Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Scores

    Identify ESG ratings for over 12,000 companies, including information on environmental crimes from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Icon dashboard gold

    Operational Updates

    Access qualitative insights from over 550,000 public and private sources of information, including M&A activity, business news, management and leadership changes, competitive news, new offerings, operational updates, and more.

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    Adverse Media Screening

    View consolidated adverse media and negative news coverage sourced from 30,000 global news sources.

  • Icon hand prohibited gold

    Global Sanctions Screening

    Monitor global regulatory and legal sanctions from 1,000+ enforcement lists and court filings including OFAC, EU, UN, BOE, FBI, BIS, FDA, US HHS, UK FSA, SEC and more.

  • Icon government gold

    State-Owned Enterprise Screening

    Avoid conflicts of interest by checking companies against a proprietary list of government-owned and government-linked enterprises.

  • Icon person warning gold

    Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Screening

    Screen against a global PEP database of over 1.8 million politically exposed person profiles, including their families and associates.

  • Icon database warning alert gold

    Breach Event Database

    Gain a real-time view of risk for thousands of companies from a database with 10+ years of data breach history, including types and quantities of stolen data, compliance violations, and regulatory issues.

  • Icon analytics graph bar

    Financial Insights

    Tap into financial information from a global network of millions of businesses across 160+ countries. Access 5 years of financial performance data, including turnover, profit and loss, shareholder funds, credit ratings, payment history, bankruptcies, investments, and more.

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    Exportable Reports

    Generate consolidated PDF reports to share with internal or external stakeholders.

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Who Wins

  • Procurement

    Ensure that new suppliers do not introduce a risk of disruption by gaining a snapshot of recent reputational, operational, and financial performance.

    > More procurement and sourcing benefits

  • IT Security

    Reduce risk by monitoring for data breaches and seamlessly initiating new cybersecurity assessments.

    > More IT security benefits

  • Risk Management

    Leverage the same solution to report on broader third-party vendor and supplier controls, unifying risk management efforts across the organization.

    > More risk management benefits

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