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Third-Party Risk Management Integrations

Expand your third-party risk management capability with built-in connectors

Prevalent's integration capabilities enable you to maximize the value of your organization's IT service management, GRC, reporting & analytics, procurement, and security & risk scoring solutions by connecting them to the Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management Platform.

Through our built-in Connector Marketplace, complementary solutions can exchange vendor risk and profile data with the Prevalent Platform. The Platform normalizes imported data and correlates it with Prevalent risk assessment and risk monitoring. The Connector Marketplace also facilitates data exports from Prevalent to other enterprise solutions.

Your team not only gains more comprehensive visibility into third-party risk, but also has access to more meaningful analytics to inform remediation and reduce risk. In addition, you'll benefit from Prevalent workflow capabilities designed to knock down information silos and facilitate better decision-making.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline third-party risk quantification, analysis and remediation by centralizing intelligence from multiple sources

  • Simplify risk management by automating tasks such as vendor profile and risk attribute updates, notifications, and workflows

  • Easily identify and communicate exceptions to common behavior with built-in machine learning analytics and reporting

  • Knock down silos between internal teams so that all stakeholders have access to the same risk insights

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Prevalent has a diverse array of data sources they pull from, they maintain strong APIs connections within those sources, and know the right data to pull from the sources.

— Senior VP, Large Banking Firm

  • Connector Marketplace

    Prevalent TPRM Connector Marketplace

    The Connector Marketplace provides access to dozens of pre-built connectors that use a low-code approach to integrate the Prevalent Platform with traditionally siloed tools. As a result, customers can eliminate silos between applications and gain a more holistic view of enterprise risk management throughout the third-party risk lifecycle.

  • BitSight Security Ratings

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    The Prevalent TPRM platform was the first solution to fully integrate the results of assessments with native continuous risk monitoring. Through this integration, BitSight serves as an additional risk monitoring input, allowing Prevalent customers to:

    • See a vendor’s BitSight score on a scale of 250-900
    • Review a vendor’s A-F rating in each domain area, along with BitSight explanations
    • Manually create risks based on monitoring results
    • Flag tasks for follow-up

    BitSight scores can also be integrated into the Prevalent Vendor Threat Monitor (VTM) monitoring profile, enabling customers to augment BitSight cyber risk data with Prevalent business and financial risk data.

    Read the Data Sheet
  • ServiceNow

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    This integration allows you to import assessment requests via ServiceNow tickets and send progress updates back to the ServiceNow reporting platform. In addition, you can correlate risk ratings for vendors and other entities using ServiceNow capabilities and populate GRC reporting based on risk weightings.

    You can also consume and manage Prevalent data in the ServiceNow platform to:

    • Centrally manage third-party risk management, IT service management activities, and other enterprise risk management activities
    • Analyze third-party risk data with other risk data
    • Reduce the number of log-ins and platforms to manage
  • SecZetta

    Prevalent SecZetta Integration

    This integration incorporates Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management Platform insights – such as vendor security incidents, exposed credentials and compliance violations – into the SecZetta Third Party Identity Risk solution. With this intelligence, customers can link the risk assessed to the third party with the access granted to the third party’s employees, enabling dynamic third-party identity and access management decisions.

    Read the Data Sheet

  • Source Defense

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    With this integration, Prevalent customers can access and manage Source Defense scores and web application vulnerability reports within the Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Platform. Armed with this intelligence, customers can assess at-risk vendors for details of their mitigation and remediation plans to reduce the risk of client-side attacks before they occur.

    Read the Data Sheet

Key Integration Points

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    Public Information Sources

    Access financial, business and breach intelligence for over 2 million companies from sources such as data breach sites, corporate sites, regulatory portals, review websites, job boards, PEP screening, trade publications, industry sites, news feeds, adverse media, sanctions monitoring, and state-owned enterprises.

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    Private Information Sources

    Extend risk intelligence insights with access to credit reports, risk scores, financials, payment histories, legal actions, and certifications. Includes cyber monitoring of 65+ threat feeds, 50+ paste sites, blogs & social media, code repositories, 1.5k+ hacker forums, and 80+ dark web special access forums.

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    Completed Assessments

    Leverage community insights from 10,000+ verified records built on industry-standard assessments such as SIG Lite and SIG Core, the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Compliance (CMMC), and the Prevalent Compliance Framework (PCF).

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    Regulatory Monitoring

    Monitor compliance across 20+ regulations and frameworks including CCPA, NYDFS, GDPR, ISO, NIST, CMMC, HIPAA, PCI, CAIQ, and more.

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    Technical Integrations

    Incorporate a broad range of insights into your third parties by integrating with ServiceNow and BitSight.

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    Industry Partnerships

    Drill deeper into specific industry risks such as those for healthcare (H-ISAC), law firms (Legal Vendor Network and Theorem Legal) and general industry best practices from Shared Assessments.

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    Vendor Community

    Build a comprehensive picture of vendor community risks with proactive vendor assessments, vendor-initiated events, certifications, documents and agreements.

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    Vendor Risk Intelligence

    Implement a continuous, comprehensive and relevant third-party risk management strategy backed by global research, a library of thousands of completed assessments, and partner feeds.

Executive Brief: How to Get More from Third-Party Risk Scores

Discover how to build a more comprehensive, actionable and cost-effective vendor risk monitoring program.

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