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Share one self-assessment with all of your customers!

The Prevalent Third-Party Marketplace enables vendors, suppliers and service providers to eliminate the reactive, redundant and manual labor involved in responding to customer security assessments. All you have to do is complete a single self-assessment questionnaire about your organization’s security controls, share it with all of your customers, and update it as necessary. No more spreadsheets!

The Marketplace is a SaaS-based solution that enables you to use industry-standard questionnaires to satisfy customer requirements, and it features a simple interface with built-in workflows to streamline the entire process. All of this is backed by external risk intelligence feeds for deeper insights into potential threats to your business.

Start Your Vendor Self-Assessment Questionnaire

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  • Get back to your day job

    Answer a single vendor self-assessment questionnaire and share it with customers. No spreadsheets required!

  • Improve your risk posture

    Gain real-time visibility into cyber and business risks, and demonstrate your responsiveness to security threats.

  • Protect your revenues

    Gain a competitive differentiator with a profile that proves your commitment to security and compliance best practices.

See It In Action

Watch this 5-minute video to see how easy it is to complete and share self-assessments with the Prevalent Third-Party Marketplace.

Key Capabilities for Vendor Self-Assessment

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    Profile Management & Control

    Populate, update and share information about your security and compliance practices with your customers in a centralized, secure environment.

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    Library of Industry-Accepted Surveys

    Save time with a library of standard industry-accepted questionnaires, such as the Shared Assessments Standard Information Gathering SIG-Lite, the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), and the Prevalent Compliance Framework (PCF).

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    Streamlined Workflows

    Speed survey completion with wizard-driven workflows that allow you to save and submit draft responses for review and approval.

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    Answer Repurposing

    Accelerate annual updates and re-assessments by importing previous responses and updating them as necessary.

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    Team Collaboration

    Facilitate collaboration between departments by inviting an unlimited number of colleagues to help complete assessments in the Marketplace.

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    Secure Document Management

    Eliminate back-and-forth emails by centralizing documentation, contracts, evidence, and notes regarding questionnaire responses.

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    Cyber Risk Scorecard

    Gain current insights into your cyber footprint from criminal forums, the dark web, threat feeds, paste sites for leaked credentials, and more.

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    Business Risk Monitoring

    Reveal potential business risks with analysis from over 200,000 sources, including news sites, company websites, social handles, regulatory websites, job portals, review websites, discussion forums, and more.

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    Central Risk Register

    See all issues raised by your questionnaire responses in a single register that makes it easy to understand and prioritize risks.

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    Remediation Guidance

    Access prescriptive guidance on how to fix problems revealed by your self-assessments.

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    Status Dashboard

    Reference a central dashboard to see your survey queue and check the status of related tasks.

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    Compliance Mapping

    Accelerate the compliance and security reporting process with a single questionnaire that maps your answers to multiple frameworks and regulations.

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    PDF Reports

    Share self-assessment results with customers, auditors and other stakeholders via PDF reports.

  • How do I subscribe to the Prevalent Marketplace?

    Click the link below to subscribe via the Amazon AWS Marketplace. After you’ve subscribed and entered your registration details, we will email your access information within two business days.

    Subscribe to the Prevalent Marketplace
  • How do I get an Amazon AWS account?

    Please note that you will need an Amazon AWS account to purchase a subscription. Click the link below to learn how to create and activate an Amazon AWS Account.

    Learn about Amazon AWS
  • How much does it cost?

    An annual subscription to the Prevalent Third-Party Marketplace is $384. This enables you to complete and share an unlimited number of self-assessments with your customers.

  • What if I'm invited by my customer?

    If you receive an invitation from a customer to register with Prevalent, then it means you will be asked to complete an assessment on the Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management Platform. The Prevalent Platform is different from the Prevalent Marketplace in that it facilitates customer-driven risk assessments vs. proactive vendor self-assessments. You will not be charged to complete customer-requested assessments on the Prevalent TPRM Platform.

    Learn more about completing customer-requested assessments
  • How long will it take to complete an assessment?

    That’s a hard question to answer, since there are many factors that go into the third-party risk management lifecycle. A good rule of thumb is about two weeks, depending on the length of the survey.

  • Who owns my content?

    You, the vendor, owns your content in the Prevalent Marketplace. You have the power to update your content, launch additional self-assessments, share content with others, or not share any content at all.

  • Who can see my content?

    Only you. Your information will only be shared if you decide to share it.

  • Do you share my data?

    No, not unless you expressly approve your questionnaire responses and associated evidence to be shared.

  • Do you sell my data?

    No. Never, under any circumstance, will we sell your data.

  • Is my data secure?

    Yes. Prevalent assesses the software and service providers used in the operation and support of our applications using our own technology. We provide our own completed SIG responses within the Prevalent platform, as well as third-party security assurance documentation of our suppliers (as applicable), and documentation of policy, procedure, and technical artifacts as necessary.

    Learn more: Prevalent Vendor Security & Privacy Policy
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