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Prevalent Risk Assessments for Vendors and Suppliers

Collaborate with customers and ease the pain of risk assessments

Whether you received a customer request to complete a Prevalent survey, or you are seeking to automate the process of addressing risk, Prevalent can help. With Prevalent, you and your customers have a centralized platform for identifying, managing and reducing risk in your business relationship.

If you're interested in completing a single self-assessment to share with all of your customers, be sure to check out our Third-Party Marketplace.

By completing risk assessment surveys, analyzing results with customers, and implementing controls, you demonstrate your organization's commitment to security best practices and compliance with data and privacy laws.

Key Benefits for Vendors

  • Get back to your day job

    Spend less time and energy completing risk assessments.

  • Improve your risk posture

    Work with customers to strengthen security and compliance controls.

  • Protect your revenues

    Demonstrate your commitment to security and compliance best practices.

 Case study automotive

Prevalent helps to enable conversations with our vendors and quantify the risk.

— Risk Manager, Large Enterprise Automotive & Transport Company

Responding to a Prevalent Assessment Request

Has a customer asked you to complete a Prevalent assessment? Below is an overview of the process. You can also take a proactive self-assessment through our Third-Party Marketplace.

1: Create Your Prevalent Account

You'll receive a registration link when your customer adds you to their Prevalent environment.

Click on the link and create an account in the platform.

2: Complete and Submit Your Assessment

You'll be directed to your vendor page in the platform.

Complete your assessment, uploading documentation and supporting evidence as you go.

You can save your progress and come back to questions later.

You can also invite colleagues to help complete the survey.

Submit your completed questionnaire and supporting evidence.

3: Collaborate to Remediate Risk

Your customer may ask you to take actions to meet risk tolerance or control standards.

Use built-in, bi-directional communications tools to facilitate remediations.

You and your customer can track your progress along the way.

Need more info?

Scroll down to view instructional videos, or visit our help center to access detailed guides for survey respondents.
Visit Prevalent Help Center

Registering with Prevalent

If you've been asked to register with Prevalent, it means that you're a third-party or an internal department of a Prevalent customer who will ask you to complete a survey (or surveys) as part of an auditing process. Here’s how to register for an account to complete and submit surveys.

Logging into the Platform

Learn how to log into the Prevalent platform after you have registered.

Navigating to Your Surveys

See how to quickly locate the surveys assigned to you.

Responding to a Prevalent Survey

See a walkthrough of the survey response process.

  • How much does it cost?

    There is no cost for vendors to complete assessments requested by your customers. Your customers purchase licenses that enable them to assess a certain number of vendors. If you are interested in completing a self-assessment, please check out our Third-Party Marketplace.

    Learn about self-assessments with the Third-Party Marketplace
  • How long will it take to complete an assessment?

    That’s a hard question to answer, since there are many factors that go into the third-party risk management lifecycle. A good rule of thumb is about two weeks, depending on the length of the survey.

  • Who owns my content in the Prevalent platform?

    You, the vendor, owns your content in the Prevalent platform. You have the power to update your content, launch additional self-assessments, share content with others, or not share any content at all.

  • Who can see my content in the Prevalent platform?

    Readily available vendor content, including completed and submitted standard questionnaires and associated evidence, is stored in our secure repository. This is viewable only by the company requesting the assessment, or by Prevalent if your customer has outsourced the collection to us. Vendors who complete and submit the standard questionnaire responses and associated evidence are allowing the requesting customer and/or Prevalent to apply risk management and assurance.

  • Do you share my data?

    No, not unless you expressly approve your questionnaire responses and associated evidence to be shared with organizations aside from your customer or Prevalent.

  • Do you sell my data?

    No. Never, under any circumstance, will we sell your data.

  • Is my data secure?

    Yes. Prevalent assesses the software and service providers used in the operation and support of our applications using our own technology. We provide our own completed SIG responses within the Prevalent platform, as well as third-party security assurance documentation of our suppliers (as applicable), and documentation of policy, procedure, and technical artifacts as necessary.

    Learn more: Prevalent Vendor Security & Privacy Policy

Share one self-assessment with all of your customers!

The Prevalent Third-Party Marketplace enables vendors, suppliers and service providers to eliminate the reactive, redundant and manual labor involved in responding to customer security assessments.

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