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Third-Party Risk Management

Add visibility, efficiency and scale to your TPRM program

With cyber attacks increasingly originating from third parties and regulations expanding to govern vendor relationships, effectively managing third-party risk is now an essential part of ensuring security and compliance. However, effectively collecting, analyzing and mitigating risk across the partner ecosystem can be an expensive and unwieldy undertaking for any organization.

Prevalent delivers a programmatic process and solutions proven to help risk management teams gain visibility into third-party exposures, efficiently act to reduce risk, and scale their TPRM programs to close security gaps.

Key Benefits

  • Increases visibility into cyber and business risks stemming from vendors, suppliers and other third parties

  • Unifies and centralizes inside-out risk assessment and outside-in threat monitoring

  • Streamlines assessment, compliance, due diligence and remediation initiatives

  • Informs risk-based decisions to prioritize remediation and verify compliance

  • Provides role-based reports for monitoring compliance and risk reduction

  • Simplifies risk management by Integrating with other best-of-breed risk and security solutions

Key Capabilities

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    A Proven TPRM Maturity Process

    Speed time to value and mature your third-party risk management program with our expert planning and advisory services. We’ll help you prioritize your vendors, define assessment strategies, and accommodate compliance requirements.

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    Automated Assessments

    Measure internal controls and gain meaningful risk data with a library of 50+ assessments covering SIG Core, SIG Lite, GDPR, ISO9001, H-ISAC, SOX, PCI-DSS and more – or build custom assessments to meet specific needs.

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    Continuous Monitoring

    Validate vendor controls by correlating assessment results with externally observable cyber threats (e.g., website vulnerabilities, leaked credentials on the dark web, etc.) and potential business threats (e.g., brand, financial, operational, regulatory, legal, etc.) for a more complete risk score.

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    Shared Vendor Networks

    Scale your TPRM program with shared networks of completed vendor risk reports. The Prevalent Exchange, Legal Vendor Network and Healthcare Vendor Network enable you to quickly check risk status and augment your own risk assessment initiatives.

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    Prioritized Remediation

    Streamline remediation with built-in workflows, document management and audit trails. Categorize vendors and prioritize communications based on risk levels and business criticality.

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    Stakeholder-Specific Reporting

    Enable enterprise-wide vendor risk and compliance awareness with tailored stakeholder reports. Provide executives with broad visibility for strategic decision making and board reporting, while enabling assessors to drill-down on specific risks and control failures.

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    APIs and Connectors

    Share data between the Prevalent platform and other best-of-breed business, risk and security solutions to ensure your third-party risk management program doesn’t operate in a silo.

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