Analyst Insight: The Gartner® Market Guide for IT Vendor Risk Management Solutions

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IT Governance, Risk & Compliance

Automate the assessment, scoring and remediation of internal IT security and privacy controls for compliance

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) is, "the integrated collection of capabilities that enable an organization to reliably achieve objectives (governance), address uncertainty (risk) and act with integrity (compliance)," across financial, legal and IT domains.

Specific to IT, GRC includes:

  • Governance: Defining business goals and arranging business processes and organizational oversight to ensure the business achieves its goals.
  • Risk: Employing the principles of risk management in defense of those goals, for example implementing IT risk management processes to address potential cyber risks to the business.
  • Compliance: Adhering with regulatory and industry frameworks that require your organization’s “G” and “R” processes to align with proven and accepted practices.

Prevalent delivers a single platform that helps risk management and internal audit teams automate internal controls assessments. The solution includes 200+ built-in questionnaire templates covering cybersecurity, data privacy and other areas – enabling customers to improve processes, combat threats and demonstrate compliance.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the time and complexity required to gather internal controls data by centralizing assessments in a single platform for all users

  • Unify risk management initiatives across the organization into a single solution for faster, easier audits and reporting

  • Accelerate risk identification and reduction with comprehensive scoring and remediation workflows

  • Simplify the process of demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements using pre-built reporting templates

Key Features

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    IT Controls Self-Assessment & Measurement

    Prevalent standardizes assessments against SOC 2, Cyber Essentials and other frameworks, providing internal audit and IT security teams with a central platform for measuring and demonstrating adherence to internal IT controls mandates.

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    Controls & Policy Library

    Leverage 200+ standardized risk assessment survey templates that map directly to policy and control requirements in ISO, NIST, CoBiT 5, SSAE 18, and more.

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    Automated Risk & Compliance Registers

    Automatically generate a risk register upon survey completion, enabling you to view your organization’s entire risk profile in a centralized, real-time reporting dashboard. Download and export reports to support compliance efforts.

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    Risk Scoring & Analysis

    Quickly gauge the impact of risks with consolidated views of risk ratings, counts, scores, and flagged responses. Identify outliers across assessments, tasks, risks, and other factors that could warrant further investigation.

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    Remediation & Exception Management

    Take actionable steps to reduce risk with built-in remediation recommendations and guidance.

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    Compliance Reporting

    Automatically map information gathered from control-based assessments to ISO 27001, NIST, CMMC, GDPR, CoBiT 5, SSAE 18, SIG, SIG Lite, SOX, NYDFS, and other industry frameworks to quickly visualize and address important compliance requirements.

 Case study finance

We have risk reporting on time when we need to report to the authorities. Consistent reporting metrics is another key benefit.

— — S&P 500 Financial Services Company

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