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Consulting-Based Professional Services

Build, grow & optimize your third-party risk management program

Prevalent™ Professional Services puts you on the right path to achieving third-party risk management maturity with minimal hassle. We offer a wide range of planning, installation and configuration, knowledge transfer, and optimization services to meet your unique IT and business requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Benefit from a cohesive services framework that can be used at all stages of program maturity

  • Deploy TPRM using best practices that optimize usage

  • Ensure a complete solution with clear milestones for success

  • Maximize ROI from the Prevalent platform

  • Experience collaborative and partner-friendly customer care

Datasheet Advisory Consulting Services

We appreciate not only the platform, but also the willingness to stand behind it and enhance it with human interaction.

— Information Security Analyst, Financial Services Company

Prioritization & Tiering Services

Prevalent Prioritization & Tiering Services define and implement the logic necessary to ensure that your vendors are being assessed and monitored according to the risks they present to your business.

  • Vendor Prioritization: Identify and prioritize vendors for onboarding based on known service attributes.
  • Vendor Tiering: Utilize key profile attributes and inherent risk scoring to logically tier vendors.

Implementation Services

Prevalent TPRM Implementation Services ensure that the Prevalent TPRM Platform is tuned according to your organization’s unique requirements, that your processes and resources are aligned for success, and that your team is fully trained.

  • Platform Configuration: Configure the Platform to reflect your use cases based on scoping, identified success criteria, and reporting requirements.
  • Project Management: Centrally manage all aspects of solution roll-out including timelines and resource management, ensuring that all stakeholders are represented.
  • Pilot Engagement & Knowledge Transfer: Provide support through deployment and first assessments, including standing up the environment, onboarding initial users, performing a walkthrough of features and capabilities, and training users.
  • Operations Manual: Create a manual to support Platform management, customized to reflect internal roles, resources, responsibilities and processes.
  • Custom Survey Definition: Create optimized questionnaires from scratch, leveraging your own existing content, or utilizing the Platform survey library.
  • Automated Risk Recommendations: Define a standardized and repeatable remediation approach using built-in survey risk recommendations.

Program Optimization Services

Prevalent Program Optimization Services support your team in building and maintaining a flexible and agile TPRM program to meet ever-changing business and regulatory requirements.

  • Operations Manual: Provides an annual health check of existing process material to ensure it is current and suitably maintained.
  • Maturity Assessment: Identify health of the third-party program and opportunities for development by baselining the essential components of a comprehensive program. Includes scoring against each pillar of the TPRM program, with supporting objectives and milestones.
  • Platform Functionality Review: Maximize return on your Prevalent Platform investment by ensuring your team is up-to-speed on the latest capabilities.
  • Achievable Milestone Definition: Identify and define acceptable vendor assessment volumes based on good practice and access to resources.
  • Optimization Plan Definition: Produce a live project plan for ongoing management and formal review with clear TPRM program objectives and ownership.
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