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The Prevalent Healthcare Vendor Network

H-ISAC’s exclusive solution for vendor risk assessment & due diligence

The Prevalent™ Healthcare Vendor Network (HVN) enables you to meet requirements for assessing vendor risk, developing strong IT and OT security and privacy measures, and protecting patient data.

In partnership with the H-ISAC’s program for Shared Risk Assessments for Third Parties, this network of H-ISAC healthcare members and vendors leverages a standardized assessment questionnaire that's backed by continuous threat intelligence monitoring. By automating third-party evidence collection and risk management, the HVN not only helps you reduce risk and ensure compliance, but also saves time and money.

Key Benefits

  • Automate inside-out vendor assessments to zero-in on risks and control failures

  • Continuously monitor vendor cyber and business risk using an outside-in approach

  • Leverage industry expertise tailored to the unique needs of healthcare organizations

  • Increase efficiency with a shared model for vendor due diligence

Key Features

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    Threat Intelligence Sharing

    Use the H-ISAC’s preferred third-party risk management solution to create a baseline across products, services and vendors from industry common criteria for risk management and remediation.

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    Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use Platform

    Leverage a library of pre-submitted assessments to quickly check vendor risk status or augment your own assessments.

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    Automated Risk Assessments

    Automate vendor survey collection and analysis, and reduce assessment time and costs, while ensuring an appropriate level of risk scrutiny and due diligence.

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    Standards-Based Approach

    Conduct standardized assessments that map cybersecurity, IT, privacy, data security and business risks to industry standards and regulations.

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    Contextual Risk Visibility

    Dynamically categorize vendors based on risk levels and business criticality, and customize security assessments for each category to tailor risk reporting and analysis to your organization’s unique needs.

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    Cyber and Business Risk Monitoring

    Gain a holistic view of vendor risk by combining cyber risk snapshots with continuous business monitoring for operational, financial, legal and brand risk events.

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    Prioritized Remediation Guidance

    Collaborate on risk registers, dates, tasks, acceptance and more with remediation workflow and document management capabilities.

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    Stakeholder-Specific Compliance Reporting

    Understand compliance and risk status across the vendor risk landscape through a central reporting console. Assessors, risk managers and executives can each see the relevant information they need to better understand and act on risk.

The Value of a Network Vendor Community

  • Vendor Repository

    Quickly determine vendor risk status with a library of questionnaires and submitted evidence.

  • Risk Scoring

    Rely on healthcare-applied baseline risk scores for each security risk domain.

  • Reporting

    Drive consensus and collaborate on risk remediation across the healthcare industry

 Quote pharma healthcare

Prevalent gave us the ability to understand the cybersecurity dangers to our company data, employees, and patients.

— Global 500 Pharmaceuticals Organization

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