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The H-ISAC’s exclusive solution for vendor risk assessment assurance

The Prevalent™ Healthcare Vendor Network (HVN) enables you to meet requirements for assessing vendor risk, developing strong IT and OT security and privacy measures, and protecting patient data.

In partnership with the H-ISAC’s program for Shared Risk Assessments for Third Parties, this network of H-ISAC healthcare members and vendors leverages a standardized assessment questionnaire that's backed by continuous threat intelligence monitoring. By automating third-party evidence collection and risk management, the HVN not only helps you reduce risk and ensure compliance, but also saves time and money.

Key Benefits

  • Gain instant access to vendor data and monitoring intelligence

  • Eliminate manual data gathering & spreadsheets with an automated, standards-based approach

  • Drive efficiency through a model of shared vendor risk assurance

  • Demonstrate compliance with built-in compliance reporting

  • Save time and money by letting Prevalent collect and analyze vendor evidence for you

  • Select a membership tier that aligns with your goals, budget, and risk tolerance

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Prevalent gave us the ability to understand the cybersecurity dangers to our company data, employees, and patients.

— Global 500 Pharmaceuticals Organization

Key Features

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    Standardized Questionnaire Library

    Leverage a library of pre-submitted standardized assessments based on the H-ISAC or SIG questionnaires for non-H-ISAC members to quickly check vendor risk status or augment your own assessments.

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    Managed Collection and Analysis

    Prevalent collects and analyzes risk assessments for vendors not already in the network on your behalf with complete vendor onboarding, management, analytics and reporting to deliver immediate time to value.

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    Cyber and Business Risk Monitoring

    Gain a holistic view of vendor risk by combining cyber risk snapshots with continuous business monitoring for operational, financial, legal and brand risk events.

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    Prioritized Remediation Guidance

    Collaborate on risk registers, dates, tasks, acceptance and more with remediation workflow and document management capabilities.

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    Stakeholder-Specific Reporting

    Understand compliance and risk status across the vendor risk landscape through a central reporting console. Assessors, risk managers and executives can each see the relevant information they need to better understand and act on risk.

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    Flexible Options to Accommodate All Levels of Vendor Oversight

    Gain a simple preview of risk scores based on standard content, dig a little deeper by accessing pre-configured risk summary reports on a subset of vendors, or perform deep, controls-based assessments to manage risk.

Flexible License Options for Vendor Risk Oversight

  • Risk Preview

    Examine High-Level Risk Scores

    See risk scores and assessment status for all vendors in the network. Ideal for:

    • Organizations of any size looking to establish a TPRM program
    • Small to medium sized hospitals with minimal resources that need basic risk assessment
    • Fully licensed H-ISAC members wanting to see scores for less-critical vendors

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  • Risk Review

    Access Risk Summary Reports

    Get Risk Preview capabilities + access risk summary reports for 10 vendors. Ideal for:

    • Organizations needing to fulfill audit requests without a comprehensive TPRM program
    • Organizations seeking to reveal more in-depth risk data for a limited number of vendors
    • Fully licensed H-ISAC members wanting risk summary reports for less-critical vendors

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  • Risk Management

    Perform Controls-Based Assessments

    Gain full access to the Prevalent TPRM platform.

    • Assessment collection handled by Prevalent
    • Workflows, dashboards, and reports for risk mitigation and remediation
    • Cyber and business monitoring
    • Ideal for H-ISAC members seeking a comprehensive third-party risk and compliance program
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