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Data Privacy Assessment

Assess vendor and partner compliance with privacy regulations

Recent breaches of personal data have spurred increased calls for organizational accountability by legislators and industry regulators. However, most vendor risk management solutions don’t offer data privacy guidance and thereby operate in a vacuum separate from security initiatives related to privacy.

With Prevalent, vendor, security and privacy teams have a single, collaborative platform for conducting privacy assessments and mitigating both third-party and internal privacy risks.

Key Benefits

  • Delivers visibility into where privacy data is, how it flows, and who has access to it

  • Speeds risk identification and remediation, mitigating breach costs and reputational damage

  • Generates targeted reports for regulators, vendors and internal stakeholders

  • Integrates with other vendor risk management solutions for centralized privacy risk management

Get a Handle on Third-Party Data Privacy Risks

The Data Privacy and Third-Party Risk Management Best Practices Guide shares a prescriptive approach to evaluating data privacy controls and risks at every stage of the vendor lifecycle.

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Key Capabilities

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    Contract Lifecycle Management

    Centralize the onboarding, distribution, discussion, retention, and review of vendor contracts, and leverage workflow to automate the contract lifecycle, ensuring data protection provisions are enforced.

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    Data Discovery & Mapping

    Combine scheduled assessments with relationship mapping to reveal where personal data exists, where it is shared, and who has access to it – all summarized in a risk register that highlights critical exposures.

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    Internal Privacy Risk Assessments

    Conduct Privacy Impact Assessments to uncover at-risk business data and personally identifiable information (PII). Analyze the origin, nature and severity of risk and get remediation guidance.

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    Vendor Privacy Risk Assessments

    Assess vendor controls against GDPR, CCPA, NYDFS and other privacy regulations via the Prevalent Compliance Framework (PCF). Reveal potential hot spots by mapping identified risks to specific controls.

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    Privacy Risk Response

    Customize risk thresholds for your organization, and accelerate risk response with pre-built escalation workflows for fast risk review and disposition.

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    Privacy Compliance Reporting

    Address GDPR, NYDFS, CCPA and other privacy regulations by mapping risks and responses to controls, gaining percent-compliance ratings, and generating stakeholder-specific reports.

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    Breach Event Notification Monitoring

    Access a database containing 10+ years of data breach history for thousands of companies around the world. Includes types and quantities of stolen data; compliance and regulatory issues; and real-time vendor data breach notifications.

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    Subject Access Request Workflows

    Enable third parties and internal users to trigger subject access request (SAR) workflows and conduct proactive assessments to capture relevant data. Leverage relationship maps to see where data is shared and reveal potential exposures.

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    Contract Reviews

    Reveal potential contract violations and inform renewal negotiations via dedicated contract assessments.

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Prevalent has significantly reduced the time I have to spend managing our vendor due diligence process while achieving results that would be difficult and costly to replicate in-house.

— CISO, Global Asset Management Firm

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