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Cloud Security Alliance CAIQ

CSA CAIQ and Third-Party Risk Management

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) was developed as an industry standard for documenting security controls, and it can be used to aid in security evaluations of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and other cloud service providers. Cloud providers can also use the CAIQ to document their security capabilities and security posture using standardized, best-practice terminology.

The CSA currently offers two versions of the CAIQ:

  • CAIQ captures the 16 control domains across 295 questions.
  • CAIQ-Lite addresses the same 16 control domains at a reduced scope of 73 questions.

Prevalent offers surveys for both the full CAIQ and CAIQ-Lite. The full CAIQ survey is split into 16 individual control groups and allows for customization to suit your specific assessment requirements.

Key Benefits of Using Prevalent for CAIQ Assessments

  • Automate CAIQ survey collection and analysis for faster assessments, compliance and due diligence reviews.

  • Deliver clear reports that tie risks to business outcomes for better risk-based decision making, compliance validation, and resource prioritization.

  • Align CAIQ assessments to core security standards, including NIST, ISO 27001, CoBiT 5, to address multiple reporting requirements in a single assessment.

  • Meet industry standards and ensure third-party risk management regulatory compliance targets for cyber risk, InfoSec, and data privacy.

  • Centralize TPRM functions with a single repository for effective reporting to satisfy audit and compliance requirements.

  • Utilize a consistent, repeatable, proven methodology for a more scalable and mature vendor risk management program.

Navigate the TPRM Compliance Landscape

The Third-Party Risk Management Compliance Handbook reveals TPRM requirements in key regulations and industry frameworks, so you can achieve compliance while mitigating vendor risk.

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