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Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management Platform Version 3.14 Unifies Vendor Risk Monitoring and Assessment

Latest release integrates outside-in monitoring with inside-out assessment; extends TPRM data to other solutions via new RESTful API
Alastair Parr
Senior Vice President, Global Products & Services
September 30, 2019
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I am very excited to announce that the 3.14 release of our Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Platform is available today! This release represents a significant milestone as it features integration between the platform and our cyber and business monitoring solution, VTM, delivering promised integration on time and leapfrogging other providers in this space to deliver you a complete 360-degree view of your vendor risks.

Here is what you can expect in this significant release…

Integrated Native Threat Monitoring

Utilizing questionnaire-based assessments provides a deep internal view of vendor security policies, processes, and controls. But many organizations miss out on the value of the other half of the third party risk story – outside-in monitoring and reporting of vendor network cyber risks – as it typically requires multiple tools from multiple providers to analyze data for a single vendor. Unfortunately, this fragmented approach requires manual reconciliation to fully interpret risks. Without a single, integrated view of vendor risks, organizations suffer from gaps in coverage leading to an incomplete picture lacking context.

With the 3.14 release, the Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management Platform has delivered a single repository for assessing vendor security risks – inside-out and outside in – by integrating key data elements of the Prevalent Vendor Threat Monitor solution into the platform to create a Threat Card in the vendor profile. Key data elements included in the Vendor Threat Card include:

Data/Cyber risk attributes:

  • Native vulnerability scanning with external cyber threat intelligence from online sensor networks, global threat databases, anti-virus users, and dozens of collaborating security partners
  • Deep risk insights gleaned from more than 27 billion URLs, four billion IPs, 600 million domains, and all public IPv4 addresses – plus data on IP threats, phishing events, and data breaches.

Business risk attributes:

  • A combination of technology, data analytics, and analyst insights to evaluate business risk
  • Collect, categorize and score risk based on commercial due diligence, financial analysis, and cyber threat intelligence for operational, brand, regulatory/legal, and financial events.

For a representation of this new integration, please see the screenshot below.

Prevalent v3.14 Integrated Threat Monitoring

Why is this integration important? It enables you to centralize risk scoring, improve visibility and risk identification, accelerate remediation efforts, and periodically validate assessment data without leaving your preferred platform user interface.

In short, Prevalent has becoming the only true third-party risk management platform to deliver both inside-out assessments and outside-in monitoring in a single interface.


All security and risk organizations utilize what can be a complex ecosystem of solutions to provide visibility into security risks. In fact, most companies have existing legacy systems aggregating data across dozens of areas. Naturally these teams must leverage existing technology investments to ensure their organizations are driving value from their risk reduction efforts. The problem is, though, some tools lack the capability to extract data automatically into other systems resulting in silos of risk data.

With version 3.14, Prevalent has addressed this challenge and created a RESTful API that enables over 65 unique attributes to be queried directly from the Prevalent platform so that customers can report on, query, manage, or assess platform data in other solutions.

For a representation of this new capability – including some of the attributes available through the API – please see the screenshots below.

Prevalent v3.14 Integrated Threat Monitoring

This enhancement provides customers with the ability to build their own connectors or leverage Prevalent’s connector capability to export data into other environments, helping to knock down silos and accelerate risk identification and remediation efforts.

For more on this significant release, please check out the What’s New document or view the brief new features demo. As well, be sure to read the release notes.

I think you would agree with me that this release represents a huge step forward for organizations wishing to improve their complete third-party risk management program.

Leadership alastair parr
Alastair Parr
Senior Vice President, Global Products & Services

Alastair Parr is responsible for ensuring that the demands of the market space are considered and applied innovatively within the Prevalent portfolio. He joined Prevalent from 3GRC, where he served as one of the founders, and was responsible for and instrumental in defining products and services. He comes from a governance, risk and compliance background; developing and driving solutions to the ever-complex risk management space. He brings over 15 years’ experience in product management, consultancy and operations deliverables.

Earlier in his career, he served as the Operations Director for a global managed service provider, InteliSecure, where he was responsible for overseeing effective data protection and risk management programs for clients. Alastair holds a university degree in Politics and International Relations, as well as several information security certifications.

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