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Get a Continuous View of Potential Vendor Risks

It’s critical to understand your vendors’ security controls via periodic assessments.

But you also need a continuous, holistic view of risk. Prevalent has the only monitoring solution that gives you the deep technical monitoring plus the strategic business context of vendor risk.

Why look at the business context? Understanding the business context: operational, financial, legal, and brand risk events - ensures that you are looking beyond tactical network health and gaining the strategic business view that drives vendor’s information security risk. This gives the C-suite and Board the business focus required to manage risk, navigate relationships, and make decisions.

Technical Insight into Cyber Threats, Data Breaches, and Network Health

Your vendors’ networks represent a key element of your threat surface as they hold your data and have trusted access into your networks. Assessments give you an understanding of how vendors have organized their Infosec programs and believe they are doing at a single point in time. Building on this, monitoring provides insight into the cyber threats your vendor confronts: data breaches, IP threats, phishing - and how they are managing their network in terms of SSL, DNS, and Application Security.

Strategic View of the Business Drivers of Information Security Risk

Looking solely at the technical health of your vendors is insufficient. Have you ever thought about the stress that several common business activities place on a company’s Infosec posture? M&A and post merger integration of IT functions places great stress on IT security controls; weak finances lead to lower Information Security spend; layoffs increase insider risk; and even executive departures can signal organizational stress. Monitoring the vendor’s business risk is critical to managing information security risk.

Driving Action by Sharing Intelligence

Monitoring risk only matters if you can act on it, which means getting it to your C-suite decision makers, security and procurement teams, and the vendors themselves. We give you multiple options to export monitoring results into various formats including machine readable via CSV/Excel, public-facing APIs, and direct sharing of vendor reports and risk issues via our SaaS application.

Monitoring Provides Near Immediate Results

Whether you are just starting a vendor risk management program or third party risk program, external monitoring is a light-weight, high-impact method to begin monitoring vendors for risks with little to no vendor input. You can have monitoring results up in a matter of hours. If you are maturing a program with both assessment and monitoring, monitoring can provide a high impact start that informs and guides assessment, which requires longer lead time as you actively work with stakeholders and the vendors themselves. 

One Third Party Risk Platform for Assessment and Monitoring

Ultimately, managing vendor risk can get complex from time intensive assessment to light weight monitoring. Prevalent gives you one solution so you work with one trusted partner to view and integrate assessment and monitoring results together.