NEW RELEASE: Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management v3.11 Introduces New Compliance Reporting and Risk Flagging


Reduce Vendor Risk to Your Healthcare Organization with Prevalent

As healthcare organizations have embraced the conversion from paper to technology for systems and records, cyber attacks and security breaches have become more of a concern.

Third party vendor risk is one component of that growing risk that needs to be managed and controlled.

Now there is a simple, cloud-based solution for your healthcare organizations to manage third party vendors. The Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (H-ISAC) selected Prevalent as their platform of choice to power the Shared Services Risk Assessments offering, focused on reducing cyber security risks within the healthcare community.

How H-ISAC Shared Services Benefit Healthcare Organizations

  • Reduces time and costs associated with vendor assessments through a collaborative and standardized model.
  • Provides the ability to benchmark your own risk assessments and achieve repeatable, auditable results with our best-in-class process.
  • Leverages the entire H-ISAC membership’s knowledge of third party products and services, and gives you the ability to contribute your own knowledge to help improve healthcare community-wide cybersecurity practices.
  • Provides assistance with a complete portfolio of offerings designed for comprehensive risk reduction that are available as standard services for the membership including on-site assessments, program design, and vendor monitoring.

Healthcare Vendor Network™ (HVN)

HVN is a network of healthcare organizations and vendors, which have come together using an economic approach to third party risk management and compliance, encourage thought leading security practices, and reduce the risk of cyber attacks to the healthcare industry.

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