NEW RELEASE: Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management v3.11 Introduces New Compliance Reporting and Risk Flagging

Legal Vendor Network

Reduce Third Party Risk in Your Law Firm

Cyber threats and security breaches have become a daily occurrence - and as more and more software and services are outsourced to third parties, the increase in a vendor breach skyrockets.

Don't let your law firm be left vulnerable to a third party breach.

Become a member of the Legal Vendor Network™ to help reduce vendor risk with a proven and cost-effective program.

Prevalent's Legal Vendor Network (LVN) is a membership-based, cloud solution, designed specifically for law firms to assess and monitor third party vendors for security and data risk. Members gain access to a vendor repository where they can view vendor information, see risk assessment results, and populate vendor information into the vendor repository. In addition, members can receive onsite and remote vendor assessments performed by Prevalent and other participating assessment firms.

NEW Evidence Sharing Network

Easy Verification of Third Party Vendors

The “Complete-Once, Share-Many” sharing model of the LVN removes the burden on vendors to complete vendor assessments for multiple organizations and speeds up the vendor verification process for third party risk managers. By greatly reducing the effort required to collect or complete surveys, it means that you and your vendors can spend much less time gathering controls data and much more time on what’s important: working together to decrease security control gaps and reduce overall risk.

Membership includes:

  • Internal and external vendor repository
  • Shared vendor repository
  • Ability to self assess and provide risk profile package to clients asking for assessments
  • Turnkey vendor risk management program
  • Faster response time for ISO audits and recertification
  • Threat intelligence reports to help with RFP process

Download our Legal Vendor Network Data Sheet to learn more.

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