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Third-Party Vendors, Suppliers & ESG: You’re Only as Good as the Company You Keep

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Having strong environment, social and governance (ESG) practices can signal that your organization is a good corporate citizen. It's what your customers, shareholders, and, increasingly, regulators expect. But, as the saying goes, you're only as good as the company you keep. That's why it's important to validate that your company's ESG standards are shared by its suppliers, vendors, and other third parties.

Join Bob Wilkinson, CEO of Cyber Marathon Solutions and former CEO of the Shared Assessments Program, for a webinar designed to help you get a handle on ESG throughout your supply chain.

Bob covers essential topics, including:

  • Where ESG regulations and expectations are likely to impact your business
  • How to incorporate ESG into your existing vendor and supplier risk assessments
  • Which best practices can simplify supplier ESG evaluations
  • What to look out for when comparing ESG scoring methodologies

Whether you're in risk management, security, procurement, or compliance, now is the time to incorporate ESG into your supplier risk management program. Watch this webinar to learn how.

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