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Best Practices for Third-Party Risk Remediation

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The old adage goes: You can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink. When it comes to working with suppliers on remediating risks, the same is true – you can recommend remediations, but you can’t tell them how to do it. How can you be more proactive with suppliers and simplify the process for everyone involved?

In this webinar, Jeff Kramer, Third-Party Cyber Risk Management at Ford Motor Company, shares best practices for building and sustaining good supplier relationships.

Join Jeff as he:

  • Reviews examples of how a lack of automation can stymie remediation efforts
  • Explains a simplified Green-Yellow-Red model for risk scoring
  • Diagrams a process for working with suppliers regularly to remediate risks
  • Describes an escalation path when a supplier isn’t showing evidence that they are working toward a remediation
  • Examines technologies for automating communications with suppliers

Watch for this webinar and learn strategies for becoming more proactive with your supplier risk remediations.

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