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The Legal Industry’s Preferred Third-Party Risk Management Platform Just Got Better

New flexible options to accommodate the required level of vendor oversight
Sara Muckstadt
Product Marketing Manager
August 15, 2019
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Law firms have a responsibility to their clients to maintain the highest levels of security for the sensitive information in their care. This basic concept holds true whether you are an AM Law Top 50 firm or one with much smaller annual revenue targets. Private client data and it needs to be protected. While most law firms look to improve their security posture by building up perimeter defenses, an increase in outsourcing non-core functions to vendors has moved the focus to third-party risk management. Fueled by the growing threat of data breaches and scrutiny from clients in highly-regulated industries, law firms of all sizes need a third-party risk management solution that matches their risk appetite -- and their wallets.

Not All Law Firms Are Created Equal

When it comes to IT security spending, resources and budget allocations for third-party risk management varies widely from firm to firm, as does the maturity level of one’s program. Some law firms have established programs with managing partners paying close attention to vendor risk and allocating increased spending in this area, while others know they need a program yet are strapped for funding. Many are looking for an entry point into third-party risk management risk to fulfill client regulatory requirements and strengthen IT security controls. It’s an expensive and time consuming process, yet clients are expecting a law firm’s third-party risk management program to be as robust as theirs. And it all starts with vendor risk assessments.

Not All Vendors Are Created Equal

Let’s face it, law firms may have 100s or 1000s of vendors and it’s not feasible to think that the same level of oversight could be applied to each one. After all, why would that be warranted? The vendor who comes to a law firm to fill the vending machines won’t require the same level of scrutiny as the eDiscovery specialists used on a daily basis. One is handling sensitive data while the other provides necessary hydration and helps to satisfy those afternoon sugar fixes. But seriously, this example highlights the fact that security and risk professionals will likely categorize vendors by risk tier and criticality in order to effectively prioritize the depth to which a third party should be assessed.

Collecting the Necessary Data to Drive Risk-Based Decisions

Once tiering is complete, collecting the right information to analyze the security posture of a law firm’s vendors is key to an effective third-party risk management program. Sure, you want to prevent data overload, but more importantly, your aim is to match the level of oversight to the priority you have placed against any given vendor. For some law firms, especially those that are just starting a program, gaining a preview of simple risk scores based on standard assessment content collection may be enough. Other legal firms may want to dig a little deeper by accessing pre-configured risk summary reports on a subset of vendors to highlight the top risks for further examination. Still others may want more. This class of law firms wants to perform internal, controls-based assessments to manage risk. Whatever the case may be, law firms need a solution that offers flexible options to accommodate the required level of vendor oversight.

Introducing New Options for Prevalent’s Legal Vendor Network

Prevalent’s Legal Vendor Network delivers an efficient, scalable third-party risk management platform to satisfy client compliance requirements and reduce risk. Members gain access to a vendor repository to view vendor information, see previously submitted assessment results, and populate new vendor information into the repository. On average, law firms find that more than 40% of their vendors are already in the network, saving time and achieving a faster return on investments.

Today, Prevalent announced new membership tiers into the Legal Vendor Network. Each offering enables law firms to focus on the risk that matters most.

  • Prevalent’s Risk Preview delivers immediate visibility into the risk assessment scores of all vendors in the Legal Vendor Network and is an ideal entry point for law firms looking to manage vendor risk at a basic level. Law firms can preview assessment status and high-level scores based on general responses to standard content.
  • Building upon the entry-level offering, if firms want additional information, Prevalent’sRisk Reviewdelivers summary reports detailing the risks uncovered for up to 10 vendors, providing a more in-depth analysis for further examination.
  • The highest tier of Risk Managementincludes access to an automated, end-to-end solution for collecting and analyzing vendor surveys, with built-in workflows to facilitate collaborative review and remediation efforts between law firms and vendors. Continuous threat monitoring and detailed compliance reporting capabilities round out this comprehensive offering.

See for Yourself, Schedule A Demo Today

If you’re a law firm of any size looking to establish a third-party risk management program, let us show you how we can provide the following benefits:

  • Massive time and cost savings: Our vendor repository is loaded with completed assessments or we’ll go out and collect for you!
  • Immediate line of sight into risk: Gain instant access to vendor risk scores and assessment status
  • Greater efficiency: Eliminate manual tracking and spreadsheets with an automated, standards-based approach
  • Meet auditor demands: Demonstrate compliance with contractual or regulatory obligations with stakeholder-specific reporting
  • Strong data control practices: Protect against cyber-attacks and data breaches

And last but not least:

  • New, flexible options: Accommodate the required level of vendor oversight based on risk tier

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Sara Muckstadt
Product Marketing Manager
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