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Prevalent Delivers H-ISAC Exclusive Solution for Vendor Risk Assessment Due Diligence

The first network for shared vendor risk profiles in the healthcare industry now covers multiple levels of business associate oversight.
Scott Lang
VP, Product Marketing
June 15, 2020
White paper 5 steps heatlhcare third party risk success

With the proliferation of electronic health records, a surge in the number of connected medical devices, and increased reliance on business associates to deliver critical services, the fear of a third-party data breach targeting valuable PHI and PII in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, or insurance industries is never-ending. And although new regulatory requirements have compelled healthcare industry organizations to develop explicit third-party risk management programs to mitigate these risks, how can they ensure the right level of oversight without taxing their budgets or risk management teams?

Accelerate Risk Reduction with New Flexible Options for Healthcare Vendor Risk Management

In partnership with the H-ISAC program for Third-Party Risk Management Shared Solutions, the Prevalent Healthcare Vendor Network (HVN) includes thousands of completed, verified assessments based on the H-ISAC or H-ISAC-Lite questionnaire and shared amongst H-ISAC members in a centralized network managed by Prevalent. Prevalent delivers automated evidence collection, analysis, and risk management for H-ISAC members to measure their vendors for cybersecurity risk resilience and ensure regulatory compliance.

Today, Prevalent announced new membership tiers for the Healthcare Vendor Network. Each offering enables healthcare industry organizations to focus on the risks that matter most.

  • HVN Risk Preview delivers immediate visibility into the risk assessment scores for the thousands of vendors in the Healthcare Vendor Network and is an ideal entry point for organizations looking to manage vendor risk at a basic level. Risk management teams can preview assessment status and high-level scores based on general responses to standard H-ISAC content.
  • Building upon the entry-level offering, if firms want additional information, the HVN Risk Review option delivers summary reports detailing the risks uncovered for up to 10 vendors, providing a more in-depth analysis for further examination. You can optionally include risk intelligence insights from additional providers as well.
  • The highest tier, our classic HVN Risk Management offering, includes outsourced collection and analysis of vendor surveys with built-in workflows and reporting into the Prevalent platform to facilitate collaborative review and remediation efforts between healthcare organizations and their vendors and business associates.

Learn More About the Prevalent Healthcare Vendor Network

If you’re a healthcare-related organization of any size looking to establish or mature a third-party risk management program, let us show you how we can provide the following benefits:

  • Pain-free Vendor Assessments: Save time by eliminating manual data gathering and spreadsheets by letting Prevalent collect and analyze vendor evidence for you.
  • Immediate Line of Sight into Risk: Gain instant access to vendor risk intelligence based on a multitude of integrations and inputs.
  • Meet Auditor Demands Faster: Demonstrate compliance with security and privacy regulatory obligations with specific reporting.
  • Flexible Options for All Levels of Vendor Oversight: Choose a membership tier that aligns with your goals, budget, and risk tolerance.

Learn more in our new white paper, "5 Steps to Healthcare Third-Party Risk Success," or schedule a personalized demonstration today

Leadership scott lang
Scott Lang
VP, Product Marketing

Scott Lang has 25 years of experience in security, currently guiding the product marketing strategy for Prevalent’s third-party risk management solutions where he is responsible for product content, launches, messaging and enablement. Prior to joining Prevalent, Scott was senior director of product marketing at privileged access management leader BeyondTrust, and before that director of security solution marketing at Dell, formerly Quest Software.

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