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Free Business Continuity Plan Template

Having a documented continuity plan is essential for ensuring business resilience during uncertain times. Our free, customizable template will get you started.
Alastair Parr
Senior Vice President, Global Products & Services
May 27, 2020
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Building a business continuity plan requires the coordination of multiple internal and external resources. Does your organization have a centralized plan that incorporates not only internal resilience measures, but also supply chain partner risk assessments?

This Business Continuity Plan Template is the latest in our series of free resources designed to help you establish consistent policies for business and supply chain resilience – so you’ll be better prepared for the next disruption when we emerge from the coronavirus crisis.

About the Customizable Business Continuity Plan Template

The Business Continuity Plan Template is a customizable Microsoft Word document that includes:

  • An overview of essential plan elements, including impact analyses, risk assessments, and communications procedures
  • A strategy template for documenting your plan’s scope, responsibilities, procedures and more
  • A plan template for detailing the activities your organization will conduct in response to business disruptions

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Pandemic Resources – Free to All

Our pandemic planning resources can be freely modified to reflect your unique needs. The templates incorporate best-practice baselines across industries, and therefore can be integrated with any other risk assessment content you may be using.

Here’s what’s available:

Prevalent Is Here to Help

The coronavirus crisis is likely presenting you with unprecedented challenges – both personal and professional. We hope these templates makes your job a little bit easier in the face of this crisis. Once the dust settles, keep in mind that Prevalent also offers a free, one-hour third-party risk management program maturity consulting session. In the meantime, everyone at Prevalent wishes good health to you, your team, and your family.

Leadership alastair parr
Alastair Parr
Senior Vice President, Global Products & Services
Alastair Parr is responsible for ensuring that the demands of the market space are considered and applied innovatively within the Prevalent portfolio. He joined Prevalent from 3GRC, where he served as one of the founders, and was responsible for and instrumental in defining products and services. He comes from a governance, risk and compliance background; developing and driving solutions to the ever-complex risk management space. He brings over 15 years’ experience in product management, consultancy and operations deliverables. Earlier in his career, he served as the Operations Director for a global managed service provider, InteliSecure, where he was responsible for overseeing effective data protection and risk management programs for clients. Alastair holds a university degree in Politics and International Relations, as well as several information security certifications.
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