Take the Pain Out of Vendor Risk Management.

You have hundreds – maybe thousands – of vendors, and some of them have custody of your sensitive data.  Some may even have access to your network.  For those vendors, their security weaknesses are your weaknesses. Do you know how they are protecting YOUR data?

The Only Dedicated Vendor Risk Management Automation Software Available

Many software products do some vendor risk management functions, but none do it all. Except US. We can – and do – because 100% of our focus is on vendor risk management. Starting with the critical vendor tiering effort, Prevalent’s platform handles every step of the vendor risk management process for your organization.

Doing More Vendor Risk Management with Fewer Resources

We enable our customers to do much more with the same – or fewer – resources.       Some of our customers report savings in the millions of dollars and ROI figures over 300%. One Prevalent user quadrupled their vendor assessment output after losing 1/3 of their staff.