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Vendor Evidence Sharing

Speed Vendor Evaluations with Evidence Sharing Networks

Determining a vendor’s security and compliance posture is taxing on IT, OT, and risk teams, with the data collection process and vendor back-and-forth communications accounting for the largest share of time needed to reduce vendor risk and complete assessment assurance. It must be done, though, as regulatory pressures and a proliferation of data breaches force organizations to develop explicit third-party risk management programs to manage risk in the entire supply chain.

How can organizations accelerate the process of collecting and analyzing vendor evidence so that IT, OT and risk teams can focus their efforts on vendor risk analysis and remediation? 

Spend Less Time Gathering Third-Party Data and More Time Working with Vendors to Reduce Risks

Prevalent's Vendor Evidence Sharing Networks enable risk and IT/OT teams to focus resources on remediating risk and compliance concerns by leveraging a repository of pre-completed vendor questionnaires and continuous monitoring. With outsourced collection of due diligence and monitoring, organizations save time and resources, enabling them to quickly scale their third-party risk management program.

Key Benefits

  • Enables teams normally devoted to collecting data from vendors to focus on risk reduction efforts instead
  • Enables a collaborative, scalable, and cost-effective approach to risk reduction between third parties and their customers
  • Delivers industry expertise to meet the unique needs of highly regulated entities

Vendor Evaluation Overview:

Sharing Network Overview
The Prevalent Evidence Sharing Networks are designed to enable customers to quickly determine their vendor’s risk posture.

Key Capabilities

Logo Legal Vendor Network Transparent

Legal Vendor Network™

Counting more than 50% of the top law firms in the US, Prevalent's Legal Vendor Network (LVN) is the industry standard among firms and their clients to assess and monitor third party vendors.

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Logo Healthcare Vendor Network Transparent

Healthcare Vendor Network™

Prevalent's Healthcare Vendor Network (HVN) is the exclusive third-party partner in H-ISAC's Shared Services program. This network of H-ISAC healthcare members and vendors encourage security best practices and decrease the risk of cyber-attacks to the healthcare industry.

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Logo Synapse Exchange Transparent

Prevalent Exchange™

The Exchange is Prevalent’s "Network of Networks" and contains data from both small and large enterprises and vendors, across all industries.

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The Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management Platform

The Network Service is part of Prevalent’s integrated third-party risk management platform, a unified solution that provides a 360-degree view of vendors risks. Combining completed standard questionnaires/evidence and ongoing monitoring with remediation workflow and reporting simplifies compliance, reduces vendor-based risks, and improves efficiency and resiliency to better scale third-party risk management.