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Collect Once, Share Many with Evidence Sharing Networks

Imagine how much simpler it would be if you had completed, standard surveys available to your business without the tedious time- and resource-consuming process of collecting accurate data from vendors.

Also envision vendors getting the same benefits by responding to one questionnaire and sharing with all of their customers' requests.

Prevalent's Vendor Evidence Sharing Networks enable you and your vendors to work together to create a repository of validated vendor questionnaires with supporting documents. Prevalent can also reach out to your vendors on your behalf to obtain and validate answers to standard questionnaires. Both enterprises and vendors have the power to choose what to share and who to share with - so both can spend less time gathering data and more time working together to reduce risk.

You can join one of our industry-focused networks and share evidence within your own vertical - or you can choose to share in our Exchange Network, which includes data from all our vertical network members and their vendors. It's the "Network of Networks" - and it's growing every single day.

Legal Vendor Network™

Prevalent's Legal Vendor Network (LVN) is a membership program, designed specifically for law firms to assess and monitor third party vendors for security and data risk.

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Healthcare Vendor Network™

Prevalent's Healthcare Vendor Network (HVN) is in partnership with the NH-ISAC's CYBERFIT® program for Shared Risk Assessments. This network of healthcare organizations and vendors encourage best security practices and decrease the risk of cyber attacks to the US healthcare industry.

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Prevalent Exchange™

The Exchange is our "Network of Networks" and contains data from both small and large enterprises and vendors, across all industries. It's easy to sign up and join.

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