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Why Assessment Standardization is Critical to TPRM Success

Why Assessment Standardization is Critical to TPRM Success

There are numerous third-party risk assessments available to security and risk management professionals, each with different requirements. The process of standardizing risk assessments enables you to adapt to complex TPRM situations, ensure consistent results, and monitor trends.

Join Andrew Moyad, CEO of Shared Assessments, and compliance expert Thomas Humphreys as they tackle why standardizing your third-party risk assessments is key to your program’s success.

Andrew and Thomas discuss:

  • Why you need to establish shared standards for efficiency and control over risk
  • How to deliver harmonized risk management assessments that improve consistency and simplify reporting
  • How standardization enables you to focus on key risks
  • ...and more!

Join these leading experts and establish an efficient and adaptable baseline for your third-party risk assessments.

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