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The Vendor Onboarding Due Diligence Guide

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Accounting for vendor risk during onboarding can mean the difference between proactively avoiding third-party business disruptions and constantly reacting to supply chain problems, data breaches, and other events.

A structured vendor onboarding process provides the foundation for tracking and managing your third-party ecosystem in a consistent and repeatable way. It also enables you to enforce contract provisions and perform due diligence to uncover cyber risks, compliance problems, ESG-related issues, and other potential third-party risks.

Download the Vendor Onboarding Due Diligence Guide to discover how to:

  • Understand which risks to assess during vendor onboarding
  • Navigate common challenges to gaining vendor risk insights
  • Simplify and add intelligence to the onboarding process

You'll also receive a comprehensive worksheet that you can use to reduce risk while simplifying your organization's vendor onboarding process.

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