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TPRM 101: Getting Real Value From Vendor Assessments

TPRM 101: Getting Real Value From Vendor Assessments

If your company faces the threat of third-party data breaches or other supply chain disruptions, then conducting regular vendor assessments is (hopefully) common practice for your team. The question is, do your assessments simply tick a compliance checkbox or do they deliver meaningful data for measurably reducing your risk?

Watch our TPRM 101 webinar, Getting Real Value from Vendor Assessments, to discover how to eliminate manual questionnaires and build a fine-tuned assessment “machine.” Brenda Ferraro, Prevalent VP of Third-Party Risk, taps into her 20+ years of building successful TPRM programs to share practical guidance and lessons learned, including:

  • Streamlining assessment workflows for faster results
  • Accessing existing sources of vendor data for immediate risk intelligence
  • Scaling to cover more third parties with fewer resources
  • Ensuring that risks are efficiently managed to remediation
  • Achieving multiple compliance objectives with a single assessment

You’ll walk away with actionable tips for getting the data you need to make clear, informed decisions while building executive confidence in your third-party risk program.

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