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The Top 5 Third-Party Risks for Law Firms and What to Do About Them

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Law firms often struggle to reconcile the benefits of using third-party services against strict client privacy and confidentiality requirements. However, most firms attempt to assess vendor risk with manual, spreadsheet-driven approaches that simply can’t deliver actionable intelligence for closing security gaps.

Join Brenda Ferraro, Vice President Third-Party Risk, Prevalent, and Josh Maley, CEO, TheoremLegal, as they discuss:

  • The top 5 hidden risks law firms should be aware of
  • 5 new strategies for reducing the cost and time required to assess third parties
  • How Prevalent and TheoremLegal provide vendor risk assessment results to law firms

You’ll walk away with an understanding of how shared vendor risk intelligence networks reduce the time and cost of third-party risk management. You’ll also learn how Prevalent and TheoremLegal can help you consistently identify and mitigate client data exposures at your firm.

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