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The Six Phases of Successful Third-Party Incident Management

The Six Phases of Successful Third-Party Incident Management

The impact of a breach or other third-party incident might not be immediately apparent. Company assets and customer data could be affected, or a geopolitical event could tie up your supply chain. That's why an incident management plan is essential to effectively assess, communicate, and mitigate potential damages.

Join Bob Wilkinson, CEO of Cyber Marathon Solutions and former EVP and Chief Strategy Officer of the Shared Assessments Program, as he examines the six phases of successful third-party incident management.

Bob shares tips and strategies for:

  • Scoping and building an incident response plan
  • Closing gaps in incident detection procedures
  • Communicating with customers, management, and other stakeholders
  • Streamlining triage and analysis
  • Ensuring effective containment and recovery
  • Following up to further strengthen your program

An effective incident management plan is crucial to maintaining resilience when – not if – a third-party event affects your business. Watch this webinar to compare your program against proven best practices.

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