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The Right KRIs and KPIs for Measuring Third-Party Risk

The Right KRIs and KPIs for Measuring Third-Party Risk

Measuring risk from third parties can be complex, requiring you to translate obscure metrics into potential business impacts. And, once you define ways to measure risk, you still need benchmarks and standards to compare your third-party risk management (TPRM) program's effectiveness. It doesn't have to be so complicated!

Bryan Littlefair, past Global CISO of Vodafone Group and Aviva, will show you how you can correlate performance and risk metrics for more informative TPRM program reporting.

In this webinar, you'll gain practical tips for:

  • Defining and implementing meaningful and actionable TPRM KPIs and KRIs
  • Leveraging risk triggers to unearth your major pillars of risk
  • Fostering a "collective risk management" ideology in your organization
  • Evolving TPRM metrics from checklists to continuous risk management

This webinar is ideal for any risk leader seeking to measure and evolve their TPRM program. Watch on-demand now!

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