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Strategies to Mitigate Supply Chain Risks in Fourth and Nth Parties

Strategies to Mitigate Supply Chain Risks in Fourth and Nth Parties

Fourth and Nth parties are the vendors of your vendors – many of which you may not even be aware of. With the ongoing fallout from the MOVEit breach and continued related threats, understanding upstream risk is more critical than ever. The problem is that most risk management programs cannot effectively evaluate threats at all levels of a supply chain without the right visibility into their extended vendor ecosystem.

Join Bob Wilkinson, CEO of Cyber Marathon Solutions and former CISO at Citigroup, as he discusses best practices for gaining deeper risk visibility into your organization's vendor and supply chain ecosystem.

In this webinar, Bob examines:

  • Techniques for discovering and mapping your Nth-party relationships
  • Strategies for building a deeper and broader vendor risk management database
  • Solutions that can accelerate fourth-party risk identification and remediation
  • Executive and board-level tips for responding to fourth-party incidents
  • Program requirements for avoiding "one-and-done" audit clauses

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to effectively identify, remediate and manage risks across all vendors – third-party, fourth-party, and beyond.

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