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Top 6 Third-Party Risks for 2024: Proactive Strategies for a Resilient Future

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In today’s business world, third-party relationships are both a necessity and a vulnerability. Staying ahead of emerging third-party risks will be crucial over the next 12 months and beyond as threats become more diverse, the regulatory landscape gets more complicated, and resources are harder to come by.
Six Essential Third-Party Risks to Manage in 2024 (and What to Do About Them), delivers an in-depth analysis and practical strategies for protecting your third-party operations. Download the 17-page guide to:

  • Understand and act on the six major third-party risks that will impact businesses in 2024, ranging from cybersecurity to ESG concerns.
  • Apply effective strategies to mitigate these risks, ensuring your supply chain and business operations remain continuous, integral, and resilient.
  • Equip your IT security, procurement, and compliance teams with the necessary knowledge and tools for proactive third-party risk management.
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