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Procurement Risk Playbook: How to Win the Third-Party Game

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It’s no longer a question of if, but when. At some point a vendor or supplier failure will impact your company’s ability to deliver. The question is: Does your team have the ability to identify and counteract third-party risks before they impact you?

As in many sports, third-party risk management requires a team effort. To come out on top, everyone from IT security to procurement has to work from the same playbook. Our strategy paper, "The Procurement Risk Playbook: How to Win the Third-Party Game," lays out 5 critical plays for your team.

Download the paper to discover:

  • Why most TPRM programs miss procurement risks
  • How to expand beyond cybersecurity assessments for maximum risk visibility
  • The 5 critical plays that will unify your procurement and IT security teams
  • The 7 ways this approach will help your team win the TPRM game

This 10-page paper shares actionable steps for coordinating your team to reduce risk throughout every stage of the third-party lifecycle.

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