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The OSFI Guideline B-10 Third-Party Compliance Checklist

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Third-Party Risk Management Guideline B-10 from the Canadian Government Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) is designed to help federally regulated institutions (FRFIs) navigate risks associated with vendor and supplier relationships.

This comprehensive checklist examines the third-party assessment and monitoring requirements in OSFI Guideline B-10. Download the guide to:

  • Understand the six expected outcomes FRFIs are to achieve through managing third-party risk
  • Map key third-party risk management capabilities to 11 best-practice principles defined by the OSFI
  • Learn how Prevalent can help you automate third-party due diligence while complying with Guideline B-10

This checklist is critical reading for anyone who needs to adhere OSFI guidelines while ensuring business resilience throughout third-party relationships.

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