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NIST, ISO, SIG: Which TPRM Framework Should You Choose?

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Setting up and managing a third-party risk management (TPRM) program is a complex process that involves managing hundreds, or even thousands, of vendors across multiple continents and legal jurisdictions. While there's no single standard to harmonize requirements, some commonly used compliance frameworks can serve as a solid starting point. But which ones are best for you?

Join compliance experts Alastair Parr and Thomas Humphreys as they guide you through what you need to know about TPRM compliance frameworks and how to effectively use them to reduce risks to both your organization and your customers.

In this webinar, Alastair and Thomas:

  • Define common TPRM frameworks and how to use them to build a program blueprint
  • Guide you through selecting the right TPRM framework – since no single framework is likely to provide your organization with every tool
  • Examine how to use commonly used frameworks such as NIST, SIG, and ISO
  • Identify the impact on your third-party landscape and how the right frameworks can streamline your TPRM program

Watch this webinar to gain a thorough understanding of TPRM frameworks and how to determine the best one to manage your organization's risk.

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