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NIST CSF 2.0: Implications for Your TPRM Program

NIST CSF 2.0: Implications for Your TPRM Program

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) has become an industry standard to help organizations assess, understand, manage, and mitigate cybersecurity risk. The 2.0 update makes significant changes to the framework, including more emphasis on supply chain risk management.

The next draft of CSF 2.0 is on track to be released this summer, and the final framework is expected to roll out in early 2024. So, what do you need to know now?

Join Dave Shackleford, CEO at Voodoo Security and SANS Senior Instructor, as he shares his insights on NIST CSF, and how the CSF 2.0 framework can help you manage risks from your third-party suppliers.

In this webinar, Dave:

  • Reviews the current state of the CSF
  • Explains how the CSF addresses the evolving cybersecurity and risk management landscapes
  • Explores how the CSF fits into your third-party supplier risk management program
  • Shares his thoughts on how to prepare for the finalization of CSF 2.0

Whether you’ve implemented the current version of the CSF or you’re seeking to better understand how the NIST CSF 2.0 can be used in your TPRM program, this webinar will provide key insights from a seasoned security practitioner and former CTO and CSO.

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