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Measuring the Financial Impact of a Third-Party Assessment

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With all the spreadsheets and emails flying around, it’s clear that we need a more streamlined approach to third-party risk assessments. However, some organizations still have a tough time getting “unstuck” from the manual way of doing things.

Join GRC 20/20 analyst Michael Rasmussen as he delivers a new approach to building a business case for automating third-party risk assessments at your organization.

During this on-demand webinar, Michael discusses:

  • How to reveal the quantitative and qualitative benefits of automating your vendor risk assessments
  • How to calculate your data breach risk, with a practical exercise as an example
  • How to write an effective business case and cost justification for automating third-party assessments

Watch this webinar and learn how to make a compelling case for evolving your third-party risk management program.

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