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How to Use AI in Third-Party Risk Management

How to Use AI in Third-Party Risk Management

As organizations rely on an increasingly complex network of vendors and suppliers, risks from third parties are also becoming more complicated. However, emerging artificial intelligence (AI)-related technologies offer new opportunities to streamline third-party risk management (TPRM) processes and keep pace with the constantly evolving risk landscape.

In this on-demand webinar, Michael Rasmussen, The GRC Pundit & Analyst at GRC 20/20 Research, dissects the top five ways you can leverage AI in your TPRM program.

Join Michael as he:

  • Explores the impact of AI on TPRM processes
  • Provides strategies to identify and mitigate risks with AI-driven analytics
  • Examines how to streamline your existing program and free up valuable time
  • Reveals how TPRM teams can use AI to address regulatory mandates
  • Demonstrates how AI technology can ensure long-term TPRM sustainability

AI technologies offer unparalleled opportunities to manage a rapidly changing third-party risk landscape. Register for this webinar to learn how AI can benefit you.

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