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How to Prepare for the Next Third-Party Attack

How to Prepare for the Next Third-Party Attack

Most IT security teams today have heard of the recent SolarWinds compromise, one of the worst third-party breaches in history.

However, many different types of attacks can affect your critical third-party ecosystem, for example, a ransomware attack that freezes operations at a critical supplier or partner or fraud activity targeting a third party's brand and online presence. How do you respond and prepare for attacks like these?

Join this webinar, Dave Shackleford, Founder of Voodoo Security, as he:

  • Outlines preparation and response strategies for several common types of third-party attacks and scenarios
  • Identifies some of the most important questions to ask upfront
  • Describes technical and procedural steps you can take now to improve your defenses from attacks on critical third parties

The time is now to expand your incident response and continuity strategies to third parties. Watch this webinar to learn how.

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