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How to Bridge the Gap Between Third-Party Risk and Contract Management

How to Bridge the Gap Between Third-Party Risk and Contract Management

One of the best tools a risk professional has at their disposal is the contract – yet, alignment between third-party risk teams and contract or procurement management is often siloed and disjointed. As organizations rely more on vendors, negotiate riskier contracts and face increased demands from regulators, it can be a struggle to connect the dots between departments.

Join Tom Rogers, CEO of Vendor Centric as he discusses ways to bridge the gap between third-party risk and contract management.

In this webinar, Tom will help you to:

  • Understand what a lifecycle approach to third-party vendor management looks like, and where risk and contracts fit in
  • Identify the most common gaps that create misalignment between risk and contract management
  • Discover practical processes you can follow to close the gaps and create tighter alignment between risk and contract management
  • Identify key changes you can make to TPRM governance to ensure any improvements you make will stick

Aligning third-party risk and contract management can eliminate gaps in your vendor lifecycle. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how.

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