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The HIPAA Third-Party Compliance Checklist

Blog Compliance Hipaa Oct 2019

If you work for a healthcare provider, health plan, or healthcare clearinghouse, then you know how crucial HIPAA compliance is. As risk management practitioner, you also need to ensure that third-party vendors entrusted with access to protected health information (PHI), or “business associates,” comply with the HIPAA Security Rule.

The HIPAA Third-Party Compliance Checklist is a 10-page guide designed specifically for third-party risk management practitioners in the healthcare industry. With a quick, 15-minute read, you walk away with a firm grasp of:

  • How HIPAA applies to your organization and its business associates
  • What risks your organization faces when a vendor violates HIPAA
  • Which HIPAA Security Rule requirements to focus on for risk analysis
  • What third-party risk management capabilities address PHI risks

From claims processors and accounting firms to benefits managers and cloud service providers, your organization likely relies on a vast network of third parties. Download this helpful checklist for prescriptive guidance on assessing their security controls per HIPAA requirements.

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