Latest Analyst Report: The 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Supplier Risk Management Solutions

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Global Supply Chain Risk Management Trends & Best Practices

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With the spread of globalization, supply chains have become incredibly complex over the last two decades. As a result, many organizations lack visibility into their extended supply chains, which can be incredibly detrimental – especially as supply chain attacks become more frequent. So, what do you need to know to proactively address supplier and other third-party risks in the increasingly complicated global market?

In this webinar, Joseph Martinez, retired Managing Director and Chief Procurement Officer of BNY Mellon, examines supply chain resilience in today's globalized world and offers his top strategies for maintaining a robust supply chain risk management (SCRM) program.

Join Joseph as he:

  • Defines current supply chain challenges
  • Explores upcoming trends affecting the geopolitical and globalized risk landscape
  • Offers best practices to mitigate supply chain risks
  • ...and more!

Staying proactive in today's global maze of supplier risks is necessary to keep your SCRM program strong and your organization ready for whatever comes next. Register now to watch this on-demand webinar!

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