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Getting Management To Care About Third-Party Risk

Getting Management To Care About Third-Party Risk

Responding to a high-profile security incident or supply chain disruption is the wrong time to engage senior executives in your third-party risk management program. Instead, proactively working with leaders to communicate the value of third-party risk reduction before an incident occurs ensures that you will be prepared when they do call.

Join our next webinar, presented by Bryan Littlefair, CEO of Cambridge Cyber Advisers and past Global CISO of Vodafone Group and Aviva, to gain insights on making third-party a priority for your executive team.

In this on-demand webinar, Bryan discusses:

  • Distilling third-party risks to focus on how it affects bottom lines
  • Best practices for effectively communicating with executives and board members
  • Key metrics for reporting on what's working and what's not
  • Tips for optimizing your third-party risk program

Register now and be better prepared to approach your executive team to make third-party risk a priority for your organization.

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