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FCPA Compliance Report: Alastair Parr on New Developments in TPRM

Alastair Parr discusses recent developments in third-party risk management.

FCPA's Tom Fox interviews Alastair Parr, SVP of Global Products & Delivery at Prevalent, about topics including:

  • Why is a comprehensive 3rd risk management solution not simply a nice to have but a must to have now?
  • Why is 3rd party risk management so much critical after the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine?
  • Improving the UX for TPRM.
  • Why has simplifying the UX for TPRM eluded most providers so far?
  • How can the UX be improved so the information which is the most vital and most relevant is captured and more importantly can be actioned?
  • How can the process of obtaining TPRM information to implementing controls to manage the risk be improved?
  • How can companies automate data gathering by using a single targeted assessment by building in targeted compliance mappings for legal or regulatory requirements?
  • Other areas of compliance such as modern slavery and human trafficking?
  • Do you see continued evolution of 3rd party risk management into 2025 and beyond?
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