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Expert Webinar: Two Practitioners' Perspectives on Third-Party Risk Management

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Between different industries, geographies, and organizational needs, no two third-party risk management (TPRM) programs are alike. And, no two TPRM experts will have the exact same view on managing risk - and understanding different approaches is vital in this ever-changing world.

Join Bob Wilkinson, CEO of Cyber Marathon Solutions and former CISO at Citigroup, and Samira Duijnmayer, Compliance Manager for Financial Crime at Booking.com, as they share their unique practitioner's perspectives on what drives TPRM.

In this interactive, panel-style webinar, Bob and Samira discuss:

  • The biggest challenges in a TPRM program
  • Fourth-party risk in the vendor ecosystem
  • What the TPRM regulatory landscape looks like in the next 12-24 months
  • The role of AI in TPRM
  • What is - and isn't - working in TPRM
  • ...and more!

Learn from leading experts in the field and get practical advice you can implement in your TPRM program!

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