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Assessing Third-Party Risk Without the Dreaded Spreadsheet

Assessing Third-Party Risk Without the Dreaded Spreadsheet

In the past, most organizations took a manual approach to third-party risk management (TPRM). It was chaotic, bloody, hand-to-hand combat. Armed only with spreadsheets, assessors had to barrage vendors with questionnaires and chase down their responses. Then came the oppressive work of analyzing, prioritizing, and actually remediating the risks.

Is your TPRM program stuck in the past? If so, please join Brenda Ferraro, VP of Third-Party Risk at Prevalent, for a webinar that will help to free you from the tyranny of spreadsheets.

You walk away with guidance on automating your vendor assessments, including:

  • Ending the risky "one-and-done" approach to third-party assessments
  • Reducing questionnaire fatigue – internally and among your vendors
  • Determining which data is most relevant for due diligence
  • Mapping assessment responses to real business threats
  • Reporting strategies to support compliance and other departments

It’s not too late to build a vendor assessment program that is smart, repeatable, and consistent. We’ll show you how easy and painless it can be in this webinar.

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