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Aligning Third-Party Risk Management with the Procurement Team

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One of the biggest challenges of running a third-party risk management program is aligning common objectives and goals with the procurement team. In fact, most organizations struggle with ensuring that their risk management processes aren’t perceived internally as a roadblock, slowing down procurement and innovation.

Join this webinar, led by Bryan Littlefair, CEO of Cambridge Cyber Advisers and past Global CISO of Vodafone Group and Aviva, to hear about his experience designing third-party risk management programs that align well with the needs of procurement teams.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The 3 foundational mistakes companies often make when setting up third-party risk management that isn’t aligned to procurement
  • Which metrics and measures are shared across security and procurement
  • How to increase effectiveness and efficiency between procurement and third-party risk management, while still reducing risk exposure

Watch this webinar for tips on breaking down the silos between IT security and procurement teams.

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