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Accelerating Third-Party Risk Management with Managed Services

Accelerating Third-Party Risk Management with Managed Services

If you’re responsible for managing vendor risk, then you have a lot riding on your shoulders. You probably bear the scars of long, drawn-out, manual assessment processes – but that’s just the start. If you’re lucky enough to collect useful data, then you’re tasked with everything from scoring and prioritizing the risk, to managing the remediation process and reporting results. Even well-staffed, well-funded teams can have a tough time with TPRM. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone.

In this webinar, Nasser Fatah shares his experiences with accelerating TPRM programs at companies like MUFG and AIG. His secret sauce? Managed services. During the presentation, Nasser covers:

  • Tips for building a TPRM machine that leverages internal and external team members
  • What elements delivered the best results, and where he ran into hurdles
  • Key questions to ask when augmenting your team with managed services
  • Which KPIs and metrics are essential for tracking success

You’ll walk away with insights on how to make your third-party risk program more scalable, affordable and productive.

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