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A 2020 Action Plan for Third-Party Risk Management

Webinar action plan 2020

Join Brenda Ferraro, former third-party program lead for organizations including Aetna, PayPal/eBay, & Charles Schwab, and current chairwoman of the Content Governance Committee at Shared Assessments, as she distills the key priorities every third-party risk management team should pursue in 2020.

This webinar discusses:

  • Program funding and how the role of vendor manager is shifting

  • How risk is evolving beyond basic compliance

  • How security ratings and scoring tools are only one piece of the puzzle

  • Why privacy will dominate third-party conversations in the coming year

  • How to take advantage of a true shared evidence model

You will walk away with an actionable checklist for tackling your most significant third-party risk management challenges in 2020.

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